Welcome to the shift report, in this section of Apocalypse How I will be making note of some of the more interesting sign posts as we journey through reality , points where we “Shift” to a “Distinctly”¬† different version of reality.

I won’t¬† necessarily be defining any changes , any of the shifting as good or bad , that’s a polarized view anyway, I will simply be observing , I will however be bringing my sense of humor with me , we have to be able to laugh at this stuff.

One thing I do very well , and that is not to take myself or what is happening too seriously , universe has a sense of humor and fear is the cosmic joke ,why, because its a lie !

This will be a weekly report , no particular day of the week , whenever something interesting actually ” Happens ” , I will opine on it for the purpose of gauging how much we have shifted , and how different the current version of reality feels after the shift, and how it appears in the consensus reality drama.

We are of course shifting every moment from parallel reality to parallel reality , we don’t usually notice it because each static reality we shift through is so similar to the last one , however once you “really ” start to let loose of all the baggage , old belief systems , outdated definitions , and allow yourself to shift , with no expectations about any thing , watch out things will get much more interesting¬† , just follow your excitement and see what happens.
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