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Apocalypse Earth

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There is a lot of craziness in the world these days , just remember , everything in the world of illusion , in the mind created world is transient , it comes…. it goes, it is what it is , don’t get too caught up in it.

Don’t take life or  yourself too seriously , have some fun , while seeking the truth is well worth the effort , remember there is only one truth , and that’s your truth, so clap alone if happiness is your truth , clap alone if you feel that’s what you want to do !

I absolutely love this song from Pharrell Williams , it brings out the magic of simply being, no other people required to enjoy , no “things” required to inspire , so crank it up and feel it !

Because I’m Happy !!!



This  ” Free Energy ”  music video is the first release of ELEVATE’s  Solution Series  and is a great work of art and the perfect new addition to the Apocalypse Music section , it makes for an excellent educational tool as well as being inspirational .

Written and performed within the genre of rap , the lyrics ring true with a message that will give an aware observer goose bumps while listening.

It inspires us with a hopeful message of an awakening humanity that is becoming aware of the games being played on this planet by a small group of spiritually bankrupt  beings.

The level of positivity and understanding in the message of this song  suggests that we may be smart enough not to waste our energy trying to defeat the system  ,  instead we will completely eclipse it though the power of unity ,and create new systems by finding Solutions !

The lifting of the veil , that is the true Apocalypse !

Find The Others is one of my favorite tunes right now for the Apocalypse Music section,  from artist Matt Presti , its a call to action to wake up and go deeper and find yourself , all the answers are within us .

It’s time to become your “whole true self “, it’s about integration , becoming the Holistic Human and to bring that here into physicality , to see beyond the consensus reality , to not allow others to “vampire” your source energy for their own agenda.
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The Ghandi Rap is a very creative and inspiring song by MC Yogi .  This to me is “The Message” of the Apocalypse .  After you have traveled down the rabbit hole and made it out to the other side, one thing stands very clear.
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Land of Confusion is a great song from Disturbed that pretty much summarizes these times we are going through during the Apocalypse , the Awakening.

As usual Disturbed shows off their tight instrumental work and great vocals in what I would call Metal with a Message.

And the accompanying video is really well done and illustrates the plight of the man on the street as he fights back against tyranny , corporate greed and the ultimate “Beast” , which is portrayed by a big Fat Banker , it’s all very clever and well orchestrated with excellent visual effect.

As we lift the veil of illusion,  we are getting it all out in the open , airing all the dirty laundry that has built up over thousands of years during this most recent cycle within the exploration of consciousness

Every day you can see and hear all the  prophets and prophecies, of doom and disaster , economic collapse and martial law.  Some are the architects , some simply market the Apocalypse , with DVD’s , Books, Lectures, on how to survive the coming mayhem.

They say for only $19.95 you can learn how to survive when the foreign military troops take over the streets of America. For only $19.95 you too can be saved by our savior , benevolent space brother or spiritual leader.

As we watch the popularity of these  ” propheteers ” increase daily , its is becoming clear that many people as they awaken are simply falling into a another trap , as they struggle to find meaning and hope , in these chaotic times , many believe they will  find solace and purpose in figuring out who is to blame , but we must go deeper , always deeper.

Pointing the finger allows them to project their darkness , their fear onto the perpetrator.  This is why the Doom and Gloomers are becoming incredibly popular, becasue,  if the world is ending then whats the point, why take responsibility , after all its “their” fault anyway , they are the ones who caused the world to end, I am simply a “Victim”, this is becoming the popular mentality.

This is the Land Of Confusion.

Here is a great song for the Apocalypse titled Home Is Where The Heart Is by John Butler. This song illustrates how corporate greed has a strangle hold on humanity, sapping it of its vitality.

I love the music in this one , its hard to really describe it as a specific genre so I wont even bother , but it has elements of rap, folk, rock , it’s quite a mix of musical elements, and the video is an excellent montage of clips and images that enhance the over all message.

Very well done and really nice work on the vocals and instrumentals , all making an excellent addition to the Apocalypse Music section , for Music with a message.

Alter Bridge put out a really good tune a while back , Rise Today And Change this World !   For me it became kind of an anthem or a call to action for many of us during our early awakening back in 2008.

With excellent guitar work , harmonies and production , this is a kick but song that never fails to lift my spirits and fill  me with a sense of empowerment.

The lyrics of course are uplifting,  sending a powerful message for us to wake up , and rise , together in love.

“Was the enemy just your brother all along , yeah …awe ..yeah , won’t you rise today and change this world !