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Apocalypse Earth

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One of the most important tools we have as “physical” beings is what we commonly refer to as Higher Self.

Its a rather vague term that gets thrown around a lot in the awakening arena and can have different meanings depending on your perspective.

As usual all I can do is share with you what it means to me , and you can see if it resonates with you as well.

In it’s simplest explanation it simply means your connection to “Being” , or “All That Is” , or “Infinite Consciousness” or your true self.

But what does it mean to tap into Higher Self  and how do you go about doing it. Well those are deeper questions.

The first thing to keep in mind , pun intended , is that physical mind is only designed to know what is happening , or what has happened, it has no capability to know what is going to happen.

Higher Self  however sits at the top of the mountain  it has a broad view, it can see the lakes , the forests, the  rivers , the valleys , it can see the bends in the rivers, it can see the fish in the  river , it can see the stones that lay at the river bottom and so on down to the atomic level .
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So what has changed “post” Occupy Wall Street , or what we can now call Occupied Wall Street. Anything ?

Is there a greater awareness as to how the world works , and who is actually pulling the strings. Perhaps

Although as David Icke walks through Zuccotti Park the day after the Storm troopers raided the place it looks like game over to me. It appears the OWS  program is being deleted from the main frame.

Was it just another program , lets see , the brains over at “the agency” said , “you know there are a lot of people who are awakening to the fact that the real power centers of the planet are the financial districts, so we need to create another movement so the masses can vent some of this anger”, a release valve if you will.

Once enough pressure is released we will shut it down and it will be business as usual.  This is sort of my take on how the system , the OS, or operating system we are currently indoctrinated into, uses various programs to maintain the status quo, or to continue the computer analogy , keep the operating system free of viruses.

The viruses of course are ideas, ideas that can free humanity from the shackles of this virtual reality, think “The Matrix“.

As David Icke walks through the park talking to the various protesters , even they will admit that a large portion of the protesters were clueless about the “Big Picture“. And without the big picture most people are simply being gamed by the program.

In fact those participating in these supposedly “Grass Roots” events allows the system to actually manipulate many of them into protesting for the changes that the system actually wants, its pure genius what comes out of these think tanks, they are masters at manipulating the human mind.

So now, here were are , early January 2012,  and all seems quiet , perhaps the weather has pushed many protesters inside or scattered them , many who were simply homeless to begin with are finding refuge elsewhere ready to re-emerge once the weather gets warmer.

And so the game plays on , the wars , the corruption , the politics , the deceptions and while many of us have awakened to the big picture, has it had “any ” real effect in the outer world.

Well maybe , perhaps , somewhat , I don’t know . And I’m OK with that , becasue I’m not looking for change in the outer world anymore. I have moved on from that exercise in futility.

In fact the world “not” changing is giving me an incredible opportunity to gauge whether I am changing, And I am , I feel different , I feel more positive even though there is only more uncertainty than ever in the world “Out there”.

So this is proof I am growing in awareness,  that I know longer view physicality as “my life” or what “I am”.  I see it now as simply a type of experience , a wondrous experience that “I” a fractal of all that is , or “Infinite Consciousness ” has chosen to be part of , to experience so that I can learn certain things about myself and creation.

Its not good or bad right or wrong, its all of those things. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t protest and make their stand , quite the contrary really , each of us are simply playing a part in this cosmic drama , each of us, as fractals of “all that is” , are participating in the ways we have chosen.

All I am saying , and the point David Icke is making in the video below , is that there is a theme being played out here on planet earth. And we can call the theme From Darkness to Light.

So if we want to be successful in this awakening , this over coming of the darkness, we need to have the big picture , its the only way we will find our way out of the rabbit hole, the maze, so to speak.

One of the main points to be made here at Apocalypse How is , to understand , to explore, the definition, of Apocalypse.

We have been programmed through TV, Movies, Books, Religion to define the Apocalypse as a negative, destructive, end of civilization event.

When in fact it is a process , Apocalypse means the unveiling, the quickening, transparency of all things.

One of the most powerful truths coming to light during this Apocalypse “Right Now” is the understanding that we are infinite, co-creative beings.

As co-creators , we are learning that how we “define” things, what we “believe” things to be , has a direct impact on our experience here on earth.

We are learning that as we change our definitions, change our beliefs , we are actually recreating ourselves , we are actually shifting to versions of reality that are more in alignment with these new beliefs, these new definitions.

The Powers that be , the social engineers, know this , they know who and what we are , and they have used this esoteric knowledge to manipulate this infinite power source towards their own agendas for thousands of years.

They have in a sense have been tapping our power to co -create a world “they” have chosen.

From a greater persepctive we have all been willing participants in this , none of us are victims. We wanted to experience the complete disconnect form source so we could work our way back home.

This is raw creation , this is exciting , and we are masters at this , this is what we do , and “Beings” through out the multiverse respect and admire those that take this path, it’s not for the uninitiated, Planet Earth is a “Master” course.

The Apocalypse is shining a blinding light on this process, many of us around the world now see the big picture, we can see how “The Game ” is played.

And once the games is exposed to the blinding light , once we as individuals acknowledge this reality , it’s game over.

And this is the destruction we are seeing , this is the end , the Apocalypse is talking about. This is the end to the constructs that we no longer need.

For many of us, we are simply done with this phase of our personal and collective evolution, we are ready for graduation.

And this will be the purpose of the “Post Apocalyptic Paradise” series, it’s going to be a journal of sorts, a glimpse into what this world, this reality will look like , once we make that shift , once we re-define, re-acknowledge , re-remember who and what we are.

There are many out there myself included who sometimes get drawn into the main stream version of what a Post Apocalyptic world would look like , think , The Road , The Postman, and many other stories and movies that all portray a dark period of destruction , despair , hopelessness.

Because that’s what sells books and Movie tickets. We all have a sort of underlying addiction to these sort of doom and gloom scenarios , simply becasue they allow us to escape the current reality.

In these main stream post apocalyptic stories , we no longer have to go to work ,we can sleep in , we no longer have to pay our bills, we can simply wander the world , live off the land, scavenge through stores for canned foods, with no government or authorities to tell us what to do or think or impose their wars on us.

What would be the point of that type of life , really , if all we do is wander around struggling to survive , filthy dirty , cold and hungry as we watch the Earth slowly die off.

This is the sort of story line Hollywood likes to perpetuate, this is their attempt to steer us , via media programming , towards the darkness.

Just remember this is part of the course, part of our schooling , and it is up to us graduate the course by realizing  its just a course, by re aligning ourselves vibrationally so we can choose , what ever experience,  what ever outcome we like.

Below is video of someone sharing their thoughts , their feelings about this process, their are perhaps thousands of videos on youtube of people asking these same questions , wanting some kind of change to occur even if it means the collapse of society or worse the destruction of the planet and human civilization .

There is nothing wrong with this , it’s a good healthy response to a world that is insane.

We can have a Post Apocalyptic Paradise !

Nibiru is one of the most talked about subjects in the awakening movement . For me personally it was actually part of my awakening process although I’m not certain why .

I had an experience in late 2008  , it was  the mother of all dreams ,and  at the end of this incredible epic journey , I traveled to the moon and was more conscious than I have ever been in my life.

As I walked around on the surface of the moon , I saw dome shaped buildings , and other types of structures , and finally as I stood on the moon , completely exposed , no space suit , no ship , just standing there drinking in the solar energy.

I looked out and said  , ” I Am Nibiru ” !

This was before I had been exposed to any of this information, so upon awakening  I thought maybe in another reality I was a person named Nibiru, perhaps an African tribesmen, although in the dream  I felt Egyptian, and I was dark skinned  , I was completely baffled as to what this meant.

Flash forward three  years later, circa September 2011 and I’m still baffled as to what this means, I do have a lot more ideas though which make for fascinating discussions and possibilities.

If your not familiar with the  work of Zecharia Sitchin then check him out and you can put the basic premise together as to what Nibiru is , at least what his research led him to believe it is. Think  Sumerian and Anunakaki.

So What is this thing we call Nibiru , perhaps its simply an Archetype used by consciousness as a catalyst for awakening. That would explain my experience,and the radical changes that have happened since then,  it has been off the chart for many of us over the last few years.

From the perspective of infinite, unified consciousness everything is real , everything is allowed expression , there is no exclusion only inclusion. So yes the story of Nibiru has been experienced, yes Sitchin is right , all of it its all real , as real as anything is in the holographic reality we find ourselves in.

So that’s fine , what happens next , I guess we will see , what do we want to happen, what is it we want to experience, everywhere consciousness looks in expectation , its manifested , this is what we are , co -creative consciousness beings.

We are writing the script , whats it gonna be , destruction or ascension , or perhaps a little of both, creative destruction ,  yeah why not. What else would infinite beings do for entertainment.

I found an excellent video that  has taken this discussion to whole new level . He presents his analysis of the data that he has gathered on the mystery known as Nibiru .  I found it fascinating and resonate on several levels .

So Check out  The Nibiru Dream, Time , & The Dimensional Shift. Excellent work!

The Apocalypse is all about lifting the veil of illusion, and Death is the biggest illusion of all. In this 3D five sense reality ,  death reigns supreme among all illusions and is the primary cause of fear and sadness on our planet .

I’m not saying death isn’t real , of course it is real in the sense that we cease to interact in what we call the physical world.  No one can argue with that statement , the question in our minds is what is going on after we die .  Some people on this  planet see death as simply the end of their existence period.

Others see it as a time when they will go to heaven , where all worries and cares will cease and they will live a carefree existence floating on the clouds with the angels.

There are probably as many perspectives and viewpoints on death as there are people on the planet , as we are all having our own unique experience of all that is.

But … what if …death, was actually the process of waking up from the dream we call life.  Remember the song we are all taught as children , row row row your boat…Life is but a dream.

Well  there are a growing number of people who have experienced consciousness outside of the physical body,  in a state of expanded awareness that is absolutely beyond the ability to describe in words.

Having experienced this myself , I will try…  Its a state where your thoughts are instantaneously turned into reality with no lag time,where you can literately experience  your  multidimensional self and all of its facets or faces. With senses that allow you to see the molecular nature of physicality while exploring the universe.

From the microcosm to the macrocosm , from the quantum to the multi -universal , we are all that is,  in all its splendor,  we are eternal,  infinite consciousness.

And upon returning to this state of consciousness we would normally call waking reality , this reality felt like the dream. This reality felt so slow and limited vibrationally speaking it actually felt like this was the dream.

And so…perhaps …life is but a dream…of sorts albeit an incredible , amazing , beautiful amusement park , scary and beautiful.  I mean… what does infinite consciousness do for entertainment …your living it.

What if after death we look back on this life as the dream slowly fading , as time goes on, and with about the same amount of importance that we would give to any vivid dream.  It was interesting , it felt real but once we were Awake to our true nature , nothing can compare and we move on we continue to grow and expand.

Perhaps the reason we mourn when our loved ones die , is not only becasue we will miss them, but perhaps its more about how we wish we were with them.  We wish to be set free from this limited vibrational state.

I believe the veil between the two realities is fading , I can feel it with each passing day as we move deeper into the Apocalypse .

Life and Death should be celebrated as a job well done , an adventure  , adversity witnessed and overcome , we are beings playing the part of  Humans , and in all plays there is always an ending.

But in reality we are neither the play or the human , we are the creators of all that is , we are the way the cosmos can know itself, we are the personification of universe and death is just transition.

Bashar says as much in the video below , see if there is any resonance for you , I found it very empowering rich in synchronicity with the over all awakening discussion we the voices are having with each other, consciousness talking to itself, remember there is no “Out There”.

There seems to be a lot of stigma among people in the awakening movement regarding the concept of channeling. I have to laugh at this because in a sense we are all channeling, are we not.

We could all describe ourselves as physical human bodies channeling infinite consciousness .

And when we share with people our thoughts our feelings our ideas , they are not coming from a brain and a mouth , they are coming from consciousness, awareness, and the body is simply a vehicle to channel this data into physicality.

Some of the most resonate , inspiring , empowering  information I have come across has come from what we commonly refer to as channeling. And it doesn’t bother me one bit , because in the end its all just information , no mater what the source.

Remember whatever information or data comes your way , just listen with your heart , and feel if it resonates , that’s all there is to it. There are no rules except those you wish to impose on yourself.

Channeled information to me is no different than information coming from any other source. Why should it be , what is there to be afraid of .  Death ?   Lack of abundance ?  We live in an infinitely abundant universe , we are eternal beings.

In the end it will simply boil down to resonance , frequency , vibration . Does the information empower you , does it inspire you , dose it expand your awareness, if so,  I say go with it regardless of where it comes from.

Worrying about where it comes from , or pre-judging it based on some belief system or that is simply setting your self up for limitation.

Channeled information is not any more or less viable than non channeled information, its simply information.

A wonderful example of this is Bashar a being channeled by Daryl Anka. I love to listen to Bashar becasue his message is empowering, his message is unifying, his message resonates with unconditional love and compassion , and he’s funny !

For all I care his voice could be coming out of a rock, I don’t care , it does not  change the message!

Rivers of Belief is a way of describing belief systems. My intention is not to paint belief systems as negative ,but to simply discuss how consciousness uses belief systems to experience itself in infinite variety.

Another analogy that would work well would  be to compare belief systems to operating systems that you are familiar with in our computer technology. For today though the river is a more eloquent and universal comparison.

A belief system can be likened to a river always in perpetual motion , if you step into it you will be carried along within its domain  and even swept away if you allow it.

If you stand up and start walking against the current or belief system you will find it very hard to do so and you will tire very quickly until you finally have to give in to the flow and allow your self to be carried away.

Belief systems are actually necessary to give consciousnesses a perspective in which to experience itself in a variety of ways , so again we are not saying  having a belief system is a negative thing.  I’m just saying it is helpful during the Apocalypse to understand that you are “Infinite Consciousness ” using belief systems for the purpose of experiential exploration, they are a tool.

This understanding will aide you in navigating the road ahead as it will give you a much better persepctive. You will be in the world but not of it , which will greatly improve you ability to tap into higher self  which has the ability to see a larger part of the picture than physical mind.

Higher self can see from the mountain top the river flowing through the valleys with its twists and turns and report back to physicality , to the Human being and let you know where its headed.

And if you know where its headed you may decide to step out of that belief system on to the bank and let it flow past you or perhaps find another river or belief that you are more in alignment with vibrationally. This will facilitate growth and understanding.

The message here is no matter what is “Happening” around you , it is simply a belief system , a river you are flowing down , based on root assumptions that have been agreed upon by the collective for a certain set of experiences to occur.

A belief systems is not “what you are” or “who you are” , it is simply a type of experience within an infinite variety of  experiences that you can be part of , if you don’t like where it is taking you , simply get out of the river and onto the bank.

What you will find on the bank of the river is beauty beyond words, and unlimited potential, or simply “Being”.