One of the main points to be made here at Apocalypse How is , to understand , to explore, the definition, of Apocalypse.

We have been programmed through TV, Movies, Books, Religion to define the Apocalypse as a negative, destructive, end of civilization event.

When in fact it is a process , Apocalypse means the unveiling, the quickening, transparency of all things.

One of the most powerful truths coming to light during this Apocalypse “Right Now” is the understanding that we are infinite, co-creative beings.

As co-creators , we are learning that how we “define” things, what we “believe” things to be , has a direct impact on our experience here on earth.

We are learning that as we change our definitions, change our beliefs , we are actually recreating ourselves , we are actually shifting to versions of reality that are more in alignment with these new beliefs, these new definitions.

The Powers that be , the social engineers, know this , they know who and what we are , and they have used this esoteric knowledge to manipulate this infinite power source towards their own agendas for thousands of years.

They have in a sense have been tapping our power to co -create a world “they” have chosen.

From a greater persepctive we have all been willing participants in this , none of us are victims. We wanted to experience the complete disconnect form source so we could work our way back home.

This is raw creation , this is exciting , and we are masters at this , this is what we do , and “Beings” through out the multiverse respect and admire those that take this path, it’s not for the uninitiated, Planet Earth is a “Master” course.

The Apocalypse is shining a blinding light on this process, many of us around the world now see the big picture, we can see how “The Game ” is played.

And once the games is exposed to the blinding light , once we as individuals acknowledge this reality , it’s game over.

And this is the destruction we are seeing , this is the end , the Apocalypse is talking about. This is the end to the constructs that we no longer need.

For many of us, we are simply done with this phase of our personal and collective evolution, we are ready for graduation.

And this will be the purpose of the “Post Apocalyptic Paradise” series, it’s going to be a journal of sorts, a glimpse into what this world, this reality will look like , once we make that shift , once we re-define, re-acknowledge , re-remember who and what we are.

There are many out there myself included who sometimes get drawn into the main stream version of what a Post Apocalyptic world would look like , think , The Road , The Postman, and many other stories and movies that all portray a dark period of destruction , despair , hopelessness.

Because that’s what sells books and Movie tickets. We all have a sort of underlying addiction to these sort of doom and gloom scenarios , simply becasue they allow us to escape the current reality.

In these main stream post apocalyptic stories , we no longer have to go to work ,we can sleep in , we no longer have to pay our bills, we can simply wander the world , live off the land, scavenge through stores for canned foods, with no government or authorities to tell us what to do or think or impose their wars on us.

What would be the point of that type of life , really , if all we do is wander around struggling to survive , filthy dirty , cold and hungry as we watch the Earth slowly die off.

This is the sort of story line Hollywood likes to perpetuate, this is their attempt to steer us , via media programming , towards the darkness.

Just remember this is part of the course, part of our schooling , and it is up to us graduate the course by realizing  its just a course, by re aligning ourselves vibrationally so we can choose , what ever experience,  what ever outcome we like.

Below is video of someone sharing their thoughts , their feelings about this process, their are perhaps thousands of videos on youtube of people asking these same questions , wanting some kind of change to occur even if it means the collapse of society or worse the destruction of the planet and human civilization .

There is nothing wrong with this , it’s a good healthy response to a world that is insane.

We can have a Post Apocalyptic Paradise !

Nibiru is one of the most talked about subjects in the awakening movement . For me personally it was actually part of my awakening process although I’m not certain why .

I had an experience in late 2008  , it was  the mother of all dreams ,and  at the end of this incredible epic journey , I traveled to the moon and was more conscious than I have ever been in my life.

As I walked around on the surface of the moon , I saw dome shaped buildings , and other types of structures , and finally as I stood on the moon , completely exposed , no space suit , no ship , just standing there drinking in the solar energy.

I looked out and said  , ” I Am Nibiru ” !

This was before I had been exposed to any of this information, so upon awakening  I thought maybe in another reality I was a person named Nibiru, perhaps an African tribesmen, although in the dream  I felt Egyptian, and I was dark skinned  , I was completely baffled as to what this meant.

Flash forward three  years later, circa September 2011 and I’m still baffled as to what this means, I do have a lot more ideas though which make for fascinating discussions and possibilities.

If your not familiar with the  work of Zecharia Sitchin then check him out and you can put the basic premise together as to what Nibiru is , at least what his research led him to believe it is. Think  Sumerian and Anunakaki.

So What is this thing we call Nibiru , perhaps its simply an Archetype used by consciousness as a catalyst for awakening. That would explain my experience,and the radical changes that have happened since then,  it has been off the chart for many of us over the last few years.

From the perspective of infinite, unified consciousness everything is real , everything is allowed expression , there is no exclusion only inclusion. So yes the story of Nibiru has been experienced, yes Sitchin is right , all of it its all real , as real as anything is in the holographic reality we find ourselves in.

So that’s fine , what happens next , I guess we will see , what do we want to happen, what is it we want to experience, everywhere consciousness looks in expectation , its manifested , this is what we are , co -creative consciousness beings.

We are writing the script , whats it gonna be , destruction or ascension , or perhaps a little of both, creative destruction ,  yeah why not. What else would infinite beings do for entertainment.

I found an excellent video that  has taken this discussion to whole new level . He presents his analysis of the data that he has gathered on the mystery known as Nibiru .  I found it fascinating and resonate on several levels .

So Check out  The Nibiru Dream, Time , & The Dimensional Shift. Excellent work!


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