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Apocalypse Earth

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Astrotheology or the Holy Science as it is referred to by some is really just the way the Universe Works. And the Universe works in a cyclical manner.

Consciousness Expands, and contracts, we go from the light , back to the darkness, breath in breath out , this is the nature of reality , the nature of the universe.

This is why we are now discovering that civilizations in the past seemed much more advanced than we are today in many areas, because evolution is not a linear progression, its all cycles , this is what the Mayan culture and teachings are all about.

We have been in a phase of less light, less consciousness for over 5000 years and we are now moving into a cycle of rebirth , or more consciousness, more light , again the pattern is always from darkness to light, this is the general theme of what we call physical existence , or the drama of Physical Universe.

This is the game we play, and as you grow in awareness and expand your consciousness, you will go through phases, as you play the game.
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As we expand our consciousness , as we begin to re-remember the true nature of physical reality and how its created , it is the most fascinating, empowering, extraordinary experience you will have.

We will leave behind our childish ways , and regain our child like wonderment of the cosmos , we will rejoin that which we already are.

The truth vibrations are getting stronger and they are over powering the control grids that have been in place for thousands of years, the shackles are being broken every moment of every day.

And the Holy Science or Astrotheology, is key in moving us back into unity consciousness. You see when you are only aware of what is going on here on planet earth, like watching Dancing with the Stars , or watching your favorite sports team , or gladiators playing in the stadiums.

At that level of awareness you are essentially existing in Earth Consciousness, when you expand your consciousness a bit more and learn about the sun and how our solar system works, you are then existing solar consciousness.

When you learn about the galaxy and how it works you are working in Galactic Consciousness , and finally when you understand how the universe works or multi verse for that matter , you are working within Universal Consciousness, or Unity Consciousness.

This is what Astrotheology is all about , it is the science of the universe. It was once widely known and taught here on planet earth and is now returning again into our awareness our consciousness.

The basic premise as to what happened , or why we forgot this Holy Science and why we have strayed so far from it over the last few thousands of years , simply takes up back to the cyclical nature of all the universe.

The story goes something like this , and this is a very simplified overview. The theme for all of our plays , all of our dramas here in what we call physicality is the story of how we go from the Darkness to light , or conversely from the light into the darkness.

Its the story of falling from grace , and working our way back to the light again, the sun sets , the sun rises, breath in , breath out , wax on wax off, had to throw that one in there ,I loved the Karate Kid.

So it turns out , in this most recent falling from grace , the play we are currently participating in, Religion in its various forms but most notably the Roman version has been for centuries , destroying any and all evidence of this Holy Science , for the purpose of gaining control over humanity and consciousness itself.

The idea of course is to keep humanity in the dark, see the pattern here, and consolidate , governments, groups, organizations, corporations, nations, grass root movements ,science, education, universities , into one mega corporation.

What this epic conspiracy has done is to separate humanity from God, or in other words , convinced humanity that we are somehow separate form source , and the only way back to “The Light” is through “The Church” , and of course as gate keepers they can charge a fee, and that fee has been our sovereignty.

And so the story goes, and here we are today circa 2012 , and the universe, our galaxy , our solar system are all moving back into the next cycle of rebirth , of moving back into the light , and there is nothing any one can do it about it,  its simply the nature of all that is.

This is the Apocalypse , or perhaps more accurately , the next Apocalypse , as this cycle repeats itself, this is the process , breath in , breath out, into the darkness , out of the darkness, its a sine wave, pure and simple.

And as infinite consciousness, fractals of all that is , we dive into the sea and we ride the waves of probabilities, and if you are aware of the “Big Picture” if you have an understanding of the Nature of Reality , or the Holy Science of Astrotheology , then you can ride those waves and have time of your life , no matter what the circumstances.

This is the practical application , and there has to be a practical application to all of this , for those of of us brave enough to jump into the darkness of physicality and swim into the unknown , into the darkness , we can be completely aware of what we are and still enjoy the process of “Being Human”.

So Remember we are each a completely unique universe, that makes up the greater multiverse, we are infinite in nature , we are nature, we are universe, let us rejoice in our awakening by “being” , unconditional love, being empathy, being forgiveness, being understanding, being What we Truly are.

Please Take the Time and Listen to Part .2 of the tutorial from Santos, he does an excellent job of fitting all the pieces together , it will blow your mind, and set you free!

Since this site is about navigating the Apocalypse , we should probably dig into the infamous Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

From a purely dogmatic, religious , Christian perspective they symbolize Conquest , War , Famine and Death.

Not exactly a positive definition to be sure , but of course the Roman version of reality we are all indoctrinated into since birth is not about positivity or empowering us.

Its about taking the reality we are in and spinning it to create fear , which is nothing more than “False Evidence Appearing Real “. The false evidence is how these ancient social engineers have taken the real “Holy Science ” or Astrotheology and turned it against us.

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are simply the four cardinal points, or east , west , north and south , or the 2 solstices and the 2 equinoxes, or the white horse morning sun, the  green or pale horse the warming summer sun, the red horse the sun setting into fall, the black horse is the sun in the blackness of night or winter.

See nothing evil here just the beautiful workings of our solar system explained using the symbolism of the bible, this is knowledge that we are all aware but have forgotten on purpose for a type of experience , an incredibly powerful experience , that is only taken on by masters, so remember we are all masters or we wouldn’t be here.

You could say that Astotheology is the language or symbolism that infinite consciousnesses has  used to create the blueprint of the cosmos.

Think about the complete interaction and connectedness all that is .  We have the 7 planets ,the  7 chakras of the human body,  the 7 days of the week , the body renewed every 7 years , the luck y number 7 , the 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 wonders of the world , the 7 notes of the diatonic scale in music, the 7 dwarfs, and it goes on and on in every culture.

This inherent connectedness in everything, is something  we are never taught in our public school systems,  we are  taught ” What”  to think when we are brought into this world , we are never  taught “How” to think.

Astrotheology , the “Holy Science’ teaches us “How” to think.

It’s called the “Holy Science ” becasue it is just that , it is the embodiment of ” As above so Below ” another way of describing  the fractal or holographic nature universe. It is the “Big Picture” science .

So the social engineers have hijacked this “Holy Science” and effectively have turned it against us, using the powerful symbolism to manipulate and dis empower infinite consciousness , meaning us, you and me.

It’s all good or god  though, universe uses everything and it uses this particular paradigm, what we call physical reality to really put us through the grinding stone, honing and sharpening each of us as we work our way back towards unity.

Again the Apocalypse is “The Revealing” and there is nothing to “FEAR”.

I would like to take the time now to give many thanks and blessing to Santos Bonacci for his most recent talks on his favorite subject “Astrotheology”.

In many ways it really is the only subject when you get down to it, becasue it tells the story of the cosmos, the planets and the stars , these mighty beings.

The Suns and planets , these beings are actually the causation , what we see as physicality is  simply the effect of these magnificent beings or gods as ancient man referred to them.

Of course from a greater persepctive even “they” are simply a manifestation of Infinite consciousness, the stuff everything is made of, the only “True Substance of the Multiverse.

Understanding Astrotheology , or better termed the “Holy Science of  “As above so Below , will  aid you greatly in your ability to navigate these times of the apocalypse , because you  can see clearly the “Big Picture” . so that when you see the signs , or symbolism  you see it for what it truly is , not what some other entity would have you believe it is for their own personal  empowerment or gain.

So turn off the nightly news, stop watching fear porn on the internet and start educating yourself on the big picture , turn your golf ball sized awareness and expand it to encompass the universe.

If you do these things your life will change exponentially , synchronicity will become part of your normal every day experience  and your highest joy for you and those around you will manifest in abundance !

Again Thank You Santos , Excellent work , I enjoy your passion for exploration of “All That Is ” !

I recently came across a very resonate voice for the Apocalypse , Santos Bonacci. He’s a very talented guitarist/musician and a passionate voice for understanding the nature of reality from the quantum to the multi universal.

He is known on Youtube as Mr Astrotheology, and as the name implies he has an excellent grasp of the workings of this very esoteric subject.

It seems Astrotheology may be at the center stage for unraveling the mysteries behind this construct we find ourselves in. It is truly big picture material on a cosmic scale.

I really enjoyed Santos’s presentation on the subject , with his charts , visual aides and deep understanding of the awakening process that we are going through, I was able to make many connections that I had previously not seen before.

I’m only about half way through his material and I am starting to get a glimpse of how our entire civilization, with its religions, language, laws, fairy tales, math, astrology, everything is tinged with the essence of astrotheology.

There are many voices out there that are making these connections as well such as Richard Hoagland , Michael Tsarion .

Although I would argue that Santos has taken this subject to a new level way beyond what anyone else has done in the recent awakening movement , and for that there are no comparisons to Santos work on this subject matter , well done brother!

What I like about Santos Bonacci’s is his passion for his work and his presentation , and how he really shows how Astrotheology permeates our daily lives in ways don’t even think about.

How everything is based on our sun and the celestial bodies and their movement through the cosmos , for example there are 12 months in the year, 12 signs of the zodiac , the 12 disciples of Jesus , 12 hours on the clock , 12 days of Christmas , 12 degrees of separation and on and on.

Then there is 24 hours a day , 24,000 years in the grand cycle, 365 days a year and , and 365 degrees of perspective, and after a while, you start asking yourself why and how are theses things connected.

There is much discussion in the alternative media on how the Illuminati or elite bloodlines who have hidden this esoteric knowledge from the rest of humanity and have been using this Holy Science against in a manipulative way .

Although Santos Bonacci’s presentation does not dwell heavily on this aspect , instead he simply shows us the beauty and intricacy of “As Above So Below‘ !

Thank you Santos for your work , your passion and your music !

To purchase Santos Bonacci’s videos go to link below.

Below is an excellent video to get started on Astro Theology and check out Santos.