Intention versus Attention for me is an interesting way to explore the idea of allowing versus controlling, expansion versus contraction.

Intention is typically about planning , plotting a course , from point A to point B, a “grid like” way of perceiving reality , a very “linear way” of thinking , and guess what … it’s not working every well , it’s slow , it’s antiquated and its driving us crazy !

So what would work better in this new multi dimensional reality that we are re- awakening to , a reality that allows all things expression , a universe that is infinite in wisdom , abundance and synchronicity… how about simply being present , being aware of “What” your putting your Attention on , what your paying Attention to !

That’s why there is a war on , it’s a war for your attention , your see our attention is a power source that some will use for their own purpose , just look at the level of manipulation on this planet , it’s staggering the layers and layers of BS that we are inundated with indoctrinated into ,  all for the sole purpose to get our attention.

Our attention is a prized commodity , publicly traded and invested in … to the tune of Trillions ! So why would we give our power, our attention, to anything , or anyone , that dis empowers us or anyone else , why … becasue we have forgotten who and what we are … creators !
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