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Are you looking for a new and exciting career , are you sick and tired of begin sick and tired , are you burned out working at the big box store , well you’ve come to the right place , we have positions available now for First Contact Specialists.

As a First Contact Specialist you will be interacting with others through out the multi verse in order to facilitate First Contact with other civilizations , on other planets other dimensions and even other timelines past and future , all of which can be accessed in the present moment.

We will train you in the art of inter dimensional travel and multi level channeling , so that you can use your past or future incarnations to interact with others in the timelines you wish to communicate with.

You see what most people don’t realize is that , everything exists in the present moment , which is why it is possible to contact other civilizations in parallel realities and up and down the timelines , because it’s all happening now, here on earth we have all agreed to perceive the present moment in a linear timeline fashion, it was all  part of our ” Root Assumptions ” contract , just have to read the fine print , but as the veil is lifting , we are now free agents.
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Fear is simply our own energy , its the very same energy that can manifest as joy , fear lets us know that we are filtering our energy through belief systems that are not in alignment with our true self.

Fear is a sign post on our journey here in physicality. Letting us know we are heading in the wrong direction.

And when I say “Fear”  I am talking about the whole range of negative emotions that have fear as the root cause. For example hatred, self pity, loneliness, sorrow, greed, anger,jealousy, and so on.

So here is how it works , from a practical application, we are source energy, and we use belief systems so that we can experience all types of various realities.

Belief systems can be likened to filters, so as you pour source energy through a belief system filter , out comes a type of experience.

Always remember though, we are neither the belief system or the experience, we are the source energy, having an experience based on the belief system, or filter.

So fear is your friend becasue it alerts you , it is a type of alarm that goes off letting you know that what ever belief system or filter you are using is creating a disharmony , it is taking you away from true self, it is leading you away from the light back into the darkness.

And this gives you the opportunity to change your belief system , change you filter if you choose to , and bring yourself, your energies back into alignment.

So fear is a powerful catalyst for change. Fear should not be feared at all. Fear is your friend becasue it immediately lets you know what you “Don’t Want” !


In the video below Bashar gives us real world examples of how we can use fear as positive catalyst for changing our belief systems and definitions to regain our alignment with true self.



Over the years there have been many , many voices for the Apocalypse,  who are helping to unveil all of the lies that we have been told , and all of the lies we tell ourselves.

However for me there are two voices that stand out from the crowd, these two voices are completely unique in their approach to the awakening process yet they are totally in resonance with each other.

Eckhart Tolle focuses on the over identification with form and the conditioned mind, his information, we won’t even call it a teaching, is about becoming present or living in the present moment, what we call present moment awareness

This of course is our true place of power of course because it’s the only true reality, past and future are of course concepts, mind created.

The idea here is to understand that the mind is a wonderful tool however it is not what we are, we are infinite consciousness playing the part of being human, so once you know this and you understand how the mind operates you can learn better how to stay present and not become absorbed by the mind.

This concept is probably the most fundamental step in the awakening process and is the reason why it’s at the focal point of Eckhart Tolle work.
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As we move deeper into 2014 and into the Awakening process, we are getting glimpses of a much greater reality , a reality that is infinite in nature , without beginning or end .

A reality,  that has been and always will be, a reality that encompasses  “all That Is”, there is nothing outside of this reality , every “thing” is within it, and that reality is “us” , consciousness .

There are many voices that stand out , that are acting as way showers for us “Humans” as we  awaken from our slumber and start to re-remember what we are .

Apocalypse How is a portal for these voices , a place where you can come and listen to the cosmic conversation.

Understanding the nature of reality is part of the process, although  the  “Practical Application”  of this knowledge is the most valuable to us when navigating the paradigm shift that is occurring here on Earth.
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One of the most important tools we have as “physical” beings is what we commonly refer to as Higher Self.

Its a rather vague term that gets thrown around a lot in the awakening arena and can have different meanings depending on your perspective.

As usual all I can do is share with you what it means to me , and you can see if it resonates with you as well.

In it’s simplest explanation it simply means your connection to “Being” , or “All That Is” , or “Infinite Consciousness” or your true self.

But what does it mean to tap into Higher Self  and how do you go about doing it. Well those are deeper questions.

The first thing to keep in mind , pun intended , is that physical mind is only designed to know what is happening , or what has happened, it has no capability to know what is going to happen.

Higher Self  however sits at the top of the mountain  it has a broad view, it can see the lakes , the forests, the  rivers , the valleys , it can see the bends in the rivers, it can see the fish in the  river , it can see the stones that lay at the river bottom and so on down to the atomic level .
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Integration is a hot topic these days for us that are passionate about the exploration and expansion of who and what we are.  we use that phrase  “Who and What we are ,quite a bit  so let me clarify it for those that may wonder what I mean …exactly.

When we say “Who” we are,  I am referring to the aspect of  consciousness that is individuated , that would be the me and the you , when I refer to the  “What” we are , I am referring to consciousness as a whole , the one ,the  infinite being , that which is “all that is ” of course these are simply words and we are still creating a better vocabulary as we expand , and continue to discuss these concepts and ideas about our true nature.

So for me , Integration is about the blending of the  ” Who and the What ” , the melding of the Individuated and Collective, it’s a process that reunites us with other aspects of ourselves , other incarnational selves, and enhances the dialogue with higher self and our over souls , these terms of course are really meaningless , there is no real separation , they simply help to illustrate the structures within consciousness itself .
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In 2009 I shifted to a version of reality , a timeline, a probable earth , that included the individual know as Darryl Anka. Darryl has been channeling a being known as Bashar for almost 30 years.

What fascinates me is that I have been exploring the nature of reality just as long and up until 2009 I had never heard of Bashar.

For someone like myself who frequents the Metaphysical section of book stores and made more than a couple of trips to Sedona , you would think I would have come across his name along the way .

So it appears we are constantly shifting, “I’m Shifting Now” !

I recently found out that Darryl actually went to some of the original Jane Roberts meetings back in the day where she channeled Seth and that blew my mind becasue I studied the Seth Material for many years.

In fact the Seth material, I have always held as some of the most resonate , useful material to be found on this planet, in physicality, and much of my growth in understanding the nature of reality, my expansion, I attribute to to the Seth material.

The Seth Material awakened me to the ideas that have become the basis for my belief system. And that is that we are multi dimensional beings and that we create our reality, individually and collectively.

I would suggest that the primary message of both Bashar and Seth is that we create reality, that reality is a bi product of consciousness, infinite , source consciousness, the only true substance of the universe.

So while this is a new discovery , I am not surprised, in fact when you look at the image of what Seth was supposed to look like , drawn by Jane Roberts partner Robert Butts, there is a striking similarity between Seth and Darryl Anka { aka Bashar}.

The synchronicity in all of this of course makes perfect sense. I’m not making any statement here, not saying Bashar and Seth are the same being , but it does seem incredibly coincidental.

So all in good food fun I would say that Bashar is Seth 2.0 at least for me.

Because Bashar is being presented to us via Darryl Anka , we can enjoy his videos in digital format in the you tube reality , where ideas can travel around the world over night , it’s another step beyond reading, its a whole new level.

Back in the day all of the Seth material for me was in book format, and it was very deep reading. But just like the Seth material , I can listen to a Bashar video more than once and continue to glean information and insight time and time again .

I just thought it interesting to bring this up , many of you out there will likely have had a similar connection between the Seth material and that of Bashar which of course makes sense, as vibrationally they are a match.

And lastly I would like to thank Darryl and all his hard work and sacrifice in bringing this information into physicality.

From a greater perspective of course we are “All Connected” there is no separation, only the illusion of separation, or as Seth always said , ” there is no end to the Within of things”

Check out the books below by Darryl Anka !

What got me started on the similarities between Seth and Bashar is this really excellent, laid back interview with a couple of Darryl’s friends, check it out , its really informative and shows you the another aspect to the Bashar Phenomenon.