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Apocalypse Earth

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What are your “Core Beliefs ” ?   I know …we talk ” a lot ”  about beliefs here at Apocalypse How, why … because they are at the core of what we will experience , no matter where you happen to find yourself , could be planet earth , or physical reality as we like to call it , or it could be in any dimension or state of existence for that matter .

We are always existing  , we will never not exist , so it’s probably a good idea to get the hang of navigating existence, that is once your done with being asleep and having amnesia about the nature of who and what you are , of course  if you want to keep sleeping , go ahead , there is no rush , you aren’t going anywhere, take as long as you like, go  have a nice juicy steak and wash it down with some blue pills , and lay your little head to rest.

However , if your bored with sleeping , there is a whole multiverse to explore within your self  , remember you are existence itself, you are all that is , so you don’t have to actually go anywhere to have some great adventures , it’s all happening within you.
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We are all , to some degree  living in a self created prison , collectively and individually . The prison walls are constructed out of  ( bricks or definitions ) which we use to build  our prison  (walls or belief systems ) that en prison us.

This process is so subtle that we do not realize we are even imprisoned , and that we are both the prison guard and the warden.

So here we can see  that our “Definitions create our Beliefs ” and our beliefs to a large degree will determine our “State Of Being ”  …  and our state of being determines the type of experience we will have .

So how do we break down the prison walls ?

Well… using this analogy , since our definitions are the building blocks of beliefs , we should probably start there, it’s time to take a hard look at our definitions , meaning how we define things , for example lets take a look at the definition of  “Abundance” ,  since our level of abundance is often associated with our self worth here in physicality.

Most of us associate abundance with money ,  money is probably the most powerful symbol on planet earth for the idea of abundance , why  , becasue with money we can buy the material things that we associate with abundance , Food, Clothing , housing , Cars , entertainment , our social status and so on , without money we have no access to those things , so it’s no surprise that money is our primary symbol for abundance.
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As many during the Apocalypse have come to realize , physicality is a construct , a type of illusion or dream if you will.

It is ” one type of experience ” that we as source consciousness have created , so that we can participate in a co creative experience.

That’s it , nothing more nothing less, it is what it is. We go through the illusion of living , dying and everything in between, and when these momentary flashes of brilliance and creation end , what we call death , we transition back towards what we are , which is infinite source consciousness.

What we call death is simply leaving this dream state we call life, this slower vibrationally frequency , and transitioning back to a higher vibrational frequency , a type of trip or adventure , which allows us to experience more of who and what we are.

We lose nothing , everything we experience enriches us further, allows greater expansion ,as we participate in the creation of the cosmos. This is how the cosmos can know “itself”.

We are not saying that life on earth is not real, not precious , not a wonderful type of experience, its real , its as real as anything is “Real”.

However , from a greater perspective , the only thing that is real is consciousness itself, every ” thing ” is within “all that is” , nothing is outside of “It” , therefor it stands to reason that everything within ” it ” is temporary, going through a constant process of creation and destruction , like a sine wave , this is the nature of nature .
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If we are talking about belief systems , I would say my personal belief system, is not to allow belief systems in general, to place limitations on me in anyway.

You see, its not about, not believing in belief systems , becasue that in itself is simply another belief system , its realizing that belief systems in and of themselves are not what “we” are.

We as Consciousness ,or being , are not a belief system , we simply are , all that is, and ever will be.

As infinite consciousness we create belief systems , they are within all that is , we are, ultimately, from a greater perspective, not subject to them, they are subject to us , in effect as creators we create them as tools so to speak.

We use belief systems so that we can have an infinite variety of experiences in the multiverse , which is our playground, it is how the cosmos can know it self.

So its not about belief systems being bad or good, those are polarized concepts. As we move into unity consciousness during the Apocalypse , we can see beyond good or bad and beyond belief systems.

As we expand our awareness we begin to see that our beliefs or definitions of things are directly related to our outer experience in what we call physicality.

The moment we change our definitions of “Things”, we are instantly recreating ourselves , we are not the same vibrationally.

The moment we change our vibrational frequency , we can then experience a different version of reality , we can shift to a version of reality that is now in alignment with our expanded definitions.

Belief systems are simply types of programs, based on agreed upon root assumptions by the collective, for a type of experience.

So just remember that you can shift to different belief systems, different collectives, different versions of realities, becasue you , us , we , are not subject to them.

They are all collectively within us. There is no out there.