Applying what we learn in this awakening process,  to our daily lives,  is the key to what I call completing the circuit. And completing the circuit is essentially maintaining  a balance  between input and output.

It’s about fine tuning your state of being ,which allows you to become a super resonate transmitter / receiver, bringing unified source energy into this polarized reality we call planet earth.

Fine tuning is a process that requires us to do the shadow work on ourselves so that we no longer blame outer circumstances , and we understand that belief systems are just ways to filter reality, we understand that our definitions color our experiences and we learn we can define things any way we choose.

If you still feel you are a victim in all of this , then there is not much  you can do to help anyone else , more work needs to be done, on yourself,  this not about fixing others, its about being authentic and honest with yourself, its about going inward and taking a hard look at how you are defining , filtering reality , and looking at your belief systems to see if they are serving you or someone else.

When we free ourselves , from the old constructs, the old ways of being that are crumbling before us, we become better conduits for source energy , and we allow a balance of input and out put to take place , and in doing so  the human body , mind , and spirit, will all benefit and blossom,  full of health and vitality and infinite abundance , of all things, not just material wealth.

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