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Apocalypse Earth

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There is a growing addiction in today’s society , no I’m not talking about the typical addictions like drugs , alcohol, this is a rather new phenomenon ,   a type of information addiction if you will .

This is an addiction to Doom !  And the  brand of doom  that I’m talking about here  is  global in nature ,  Big Doom  , the true Doomtard , as most doom attics are called,  require the full on global doom  to really get their jollies  , we are talking comet impacting, tsunami , generated , mega quake inflicted ,  Extinction Level Event …Mega Doom !

Real doom addiction goes beyond simply watching the news with all its fear base negative stories , no that’s not enough  , this addiction goes deeper , perhaps down to our very DNA , where we still have genetic memories of a distant past where earth was a much more dangerous place to live , a lot more tumultuous , think thunderbolts of the gods and you get the drift .

Now I have to admit , from time to time,  I too have felt the pull , the curiosity , and found myself slithering over to one of the popular doom forums, or over to  YouTube where all manner of nonsense is found and  I tell myself I just want to see what all the other “Nuts” are talking about , but within a few minutes I find myself scrolling down the posts or videos , driven by a madness , a need to know what on earth might be happening next !

It’s really quite amazing , the sheer quantity of predicted doom dates that have come and gone and nothing ever happens ,and yet many of these doom prophets or profiteers is a better word , never seem to loose there credibility , their audience coming back time and time again ,  looking for fear in all the right places, evidently having lost there ability for discernment and suffering from memory loss , it’s hard to know.
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Man …this global warming is cold !   I know its crazy , with all the warming going on I have gone through more firewood in the last 3 months than I would have normally gone through in 3 winters !

Jeeze … can we just trash the whole global warming thing , I know Al is going to be sad if we do , because he did invent global warming , or was it the internet , I don’t know.

Either way after the last polar vortex and  blizzards  with sub zero temperatures across the country … I think it’s time…we come up with a new name.

Oh I know , some are calling it  “Extreme Weather ” , well that fits , but this isn’t the X games here , were talking devastation on a global scale, California is in Extreme Drought right  now , in a state of emergency …and its only February … just think what August is going to look like .
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Have you heard about this !  Have your heard about the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge”… well let me tell you my story !

As I chop more wood for the stove , I am in awe at the amount of wood I have gone through in the last 2 months , November and December were the driest coldest months I have ever experienced here in the PNW , and those that have lived here for 50 years would also agree.

For those that don’t know , PNW is the acronym for the Pacific North West , which is usually a temperate climate , and in my little neck of the woods , its technically a temperate rain forest , where normally we get over 80 inches of rain a year , I said normally, although I don’t think that term really applies anymore … to anything !

So we have been freezing up here and we haven’t had any rain to speak of ,  and I have gone through at least 5 cords of wood in 2 months to  keep the house warm and toasty , if you were to pile up 5 cords of wood , it would be one hell of a big pile .

Normally … we would have gone thorough less then half of that , as it would “normally ” be raining with temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s.
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I know … you can’t make this stuff up , the global warming scientist are stuck in the ice , how the hell did they let that happen , well I think we can put the whole global warming farce to bed finally …here we are post climategate , clearly things are not what they seem , how about we just call it Global Extreme Weather and leave it at that.

Everywhere around the world , rain , cold , snow , heat records are being broken , the Sun has gone on vacation , with little activity and nothing is “normal”  anymore , whatever that was.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had no rain, only cold frigid weather for months now , the old timers have never seen anything like it,   in fact the entire western part of the united states has been under the effect of a large high pressure system that just won’t go away , which has effected the normal flow of moisture , the results… we are too dry and  too cold!

Then of course comes the Polar Vortex that is hitting the upper half of the country right now ,sending temperatures plummeting, and blanketing a large portion of the country in snow and ice .

Videos and images are coming in from all around the country reminiscent of the  “The Day After Tomorrow”   , where a giant super vortex storm pulls air down from the upper atmosphere and flash freezes everything in site , not making any predictions here but the extreme weather seems to be on the rise.
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2012 is certainly a year for strange weather phenomenon.

Having experienced this high strangeness first hand during a freak snow storm here in the Pacific Northwest earlier this year , I can only imagine what it’s like to experience 4 feet of hail in one storm.

This is what happened on April 11th 2012 in the Texas Panhandle. Evidently a thunderstorm super cell stalled just north of Amarillo Texas and dumped 2- 4 feet of hail , just like a big ice maker, covering highways , stalled vehicles and causing flooding like no one has ever seen before , unprecedented is the word .

Already this year we have seen some of the strongest Tornadoes we have ever seen wrecking havoc on the population. This climatic change we seem to be going through is effecting everyone , all over the world.

It does make sense that if we are in a period of increasing energy, and the earth shifting on its axis , we would naturally see increasing weather phenomenon , stronger storms , more intense heat , more intense cold .

Whether it all adds up to anything other than just strange I don’t know. It does appear to be part of a pattern ,although and we don’t need to define it as scary or a negative thing.

It’s just mother earth going through her changes , all we can do is get through it or move out of the way if possible. No matter where you go on the planet your likely to be impacted in some way by this extreme weather.

So its not about trying to escape it necessarily , it’s more about learning to cope with it. It will be interesting to watch as we move forward and I will add these events to the “Earth Changes” section as we move through 2012 and beyond.

Well it appears mother earth is having a bit of a hiccup.  On April 11th 2012 we had another major 8.6 earth quake off the coast of Sumatra ,which was followed by numerous strong quakes and aftershocks.

Later the  same day Mexico experienced its own strong 6.5 quake.  And then the seismic activity  seemed to move its way upward along the ring of fire, with a 5.9 off the coast of Oregon.

Then on April 12th while the Indian ocean is still rocking the gulf of California gets hit with a 6.9 quake and numerous strong aftershocks, each decent quakes in their own right.

As of Thursday evening on April 12th we are still seeing increased seismic activity across the globe. I haven’t seen this much activity since last spring in the aftermath Japans Quake.

As an aware observer I find it interesting that during this recent episode of seismic activity  the sun has been oddly quiet with virtually no sunspots or solar activity to speak of.

So clearly other forces are at work in this recent Global Quake Storm. Of course its 2012 so it’s fitting that we have some oddities and extremes when it comes to the earth and her growth spurts.

We are headed for a relatively strong planetary alignment on April 15th according to the data , however since the earth and perhaps time itself are accelerating , dates can be problematic. Clearly stuff is happening !

I’m wondering,  if the earth is slowly shifting on it’s axis , as it appears to be doing , is she literally spinning faster , like a top does when it stands up straight as it’s speed increases, and if so , does that  increase her vibrational speed so to speak , and is this also a catalyst for our increased vibration and time dilation.

I don’t know about you,  but as this awakening process continues , as we become more of what we are , our lives become full of synchronous events , each leading to increased awareness , happiness and joy.

Life seems more full these days  , busy that’s for sure , time seems to be passing at an unprecedented rate , or is it that we are simply no longer creating time , as we live more in the moment , more in a state of being that is representative of our highest joy, yeah, that’s it.

So hold on tight Mother Earth is going to takes us on one hell of Ride, Yeah it might get bumpy , and some of us including me , might get tossed , but hey , what else we gonna do for excitement !  Hang on !

One of the first things you hear about when you start doing some digging around in the “Earth Changes” part of the awakening process, is this concept of the earth shifting on its axis.

What I find interesting , is that the discussion is about an event that may happen sometime in the future, all the while it seems like its already happening, right now.

This idea of a shift occurring stirs deeply in our psyche becasue the shift that is occurring is within consciousness itself, we are shifting vibrationally each moment , each day, individually and en mass.

And what happens on the inner manifests itself outwardly into physicality. It does seem the earth is shifting on its axis , and over the last decade , the large quakes we have seen , are slowly but surely shifting the earth into a new alignment.

Or, perhaps the shifting of the earth on its axis has caused the earth quakes , I don’t think it really matters, and from the perspective of mother earth its rather irrelevant, the reality is , the earth is changing.

Which makes sense , the host consciousness would have to shift right along with its guests as we plow through the galaxy on space ship earth.

If we  start with the Indonesian Earth quake  in 2004  there is evidence that the earths rotation was effected, which was followed by the very large earth quakes in Haiti , Chili and Japan.

In each major earthquake the planet keeps shifting little by little. So effectively it seems mother earth is taking the shift in baby steps, perhaps to lessen the pain for her occupants. She is a loving host, so this makes sense.

And perhaps when we become vehicles for love, for higher self ,we are helping to modulate, or moderate the shifting as well, we are acting as buffers , to counter the negativity, the fear which creates these psychic events.

Clearly if you were in Japan, Haiti or Chile , there was plenty of pain to go around , no argument there , buts it doesn’t appear to be the extinction level event that many have prophesied about in the Fear Mongering arena.

It seems to be more of a decades long event , that is now gathering steam in 2012 and is perhaps coming to a head, and yes it seems to be linked to this whole process of alignment , and vibrational shift of consciousness.

There does seem to be evidence that this is a cyclical event , and that there were catastrophic earth changes in the past , but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way this time, perhaps what we are feeling are old memories , fears from our distant past stored in our DNA.

It seems humanity is a bit addicted to these destruction stories, they make great movies and books ,and perhaps a good distraction form the mundane existence for many, but is it what we really want, its not what I want.

My highest joy is to shift to a reality , a version of earth that makes the shift a bit  more palatable, like she has been doing  , baby steps, Haiti Quake, Baby step , Chili Quake , Baby step Japan quake,  baby step and so on ,small shifts , spaced apart so that we can recover.

There are a lot of Fear profiteers in the world today and business is booming, so I think it’s important that we look at who profits form fear, who profits from spreading this message of doom.

If there has to be a cataclysm to turn the tide of humanity towards something greater , then so be it , if millions have to die including myself , so be it , oh well , but it just doesn’t make much sense, it just doesn’t resonate with me , that after 16 billion years of exploration we just start all over again, seems kind of pointless.

So I guess that’s the point, if we all have a say in this collective experience, and I think we do, if  each of us can choose what we want to experience and universe allows all things expression, then perhaps the doom and gloomers will get their extinction event, and those of us who want to find another way , a way that allows further growth , well we can have that too.

Remember unity consciousness is about inclusion , not exclusion. So step up and buy your ticket now , which train are you getting on , Extinction , or Exploration, well , you know my choice …whats yours ?

In the video below it talks about the big quakes and how they are following a pattern. hey it might get bumpy , but the end of the world , I don’t “Believe” that , and in fact it’s not even possible , right , after all , we are infinite consciousness, there is no “End” !