Over the years there have been many , many voices for the Apocalypse,  who are helping to unveil all of the lies that we have been told , and all of the lies we tell ourselves.

However for me there are two voices that stand out from the crowd, these two voices are completely unique in their approach to the awakening process yet they are totally in resonance with each other.

Eckhart Tolle focuses on the over identification with form and the conditioned mind, his information, we won’t even call it a teaching, is about becoming present or living in the present moment, what we call present moment awareness

This of course is our true place of power of course because it’s the only true reality, past and future are of course concepts, mind created.

The idea here is to understand that the mind is a wonderful tool however it is not what we are, we are infinite consciousness playing the part of being human, so once you know this and you understand how the mind operates you can learn better how to stay present and not become absorbed by the mind.

This concept is probably the most fundamental step in the awakening process and is the reason why it’s at the focal point of Eckhart Tolle work.
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Eckhart Tolle is a very resonate” voice of the Apocalypse. His Message is at the very heart of the awakening process.

He does an incredible service of sharing with us his unique persepctive of “All That is” . I really enjoy his demeanor , his casual , calm presence which actually helps to put you in this relaxed state of presence.

He just has a wonderful way of expressing himself and the nature of reality that we find ourselves in upon awakening, and he does so with a sense of humor and by not taking himself or anything too seriously.

Awakening is more than just understanding physicality and the workings of nature, mankind, human civilization, and creation throughout the cosmos.

While understanding these things helps you to navigate this process we are going through in very practical ways , there is nothing more practical then going deeper , and that’s what Eckhart and many others are doing now.

Eckhart says “Ego only exists when you don’t know it exists” , and “Ego can only operate in you when you give it your complete identification”.

To put it another way , if your living from Ego your essentially living in an unconscious state , when you see the ego for what it is , when you shine the blinding light of consciousness on ego its game over.

He goes on to say that people who are living from Ego, do not know about ego , becasue they are in it, they are “It” , and this is the trap many people are still in and why they are so easily manipulated by “outer circumstances”.

Once you see the Ego , once you acknowledge its existence , then you are on the road to further awakening , becasue you now have a choice.

Eckhart has become very popular and has sold millions of books worldwide, and his increasing popularity is testament to the tide of humanity that “are” waking up to “what” we are.

And what we are is infinite consciousness, and what Eckhart is sharing with us is that when you can live in the moment , when you can exist within the “present” , what he calls “presence” , your life will become more fulfilling on all levels.

Its the same message that we are all “getting” right now , our collective voices are talking about , we are re-awakening to this most powerful realization and we are stepping outside of our Egos, outside of our stories, our so called lives, our “programs’ and we are acknowledging the true nature of “what we are”.

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