Guest Article By : Beverly Nadler

Excerpts From  ” Loving the Game Of Life “

Evolution Of Consciousness :
There is a difference between evolution of Consciousness and expansion of Consciousness. Evolution of Consciousness is described below, and expansion of Consciousness is described later in this chapter. Evolution of Consciousness is about the illusion.

It is about Consciousness using the timeless, spaceless, massless, motionless Zero Point Field to create more and more highly developed or “evolved” patterns/illusions in The Field – from subatomic particles (quanta), to electrons and protons that make up atoms, to minerals, vegetables and plants, animals and human beings. It is Consciousness expressing and evolving through all creations as they manifest in the 3rd dimension.

Vibrations And Frequencies :
The 3rd dimension is made up of endless inanimate and animate forms — from minerals, to vegetation, to countless species of animal life, to myriad varieties of people, to objects, things, actions, events and conditions, etc. – all of which are forms of energy.
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