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Apocalypse Earth

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Why is the Triangle such a powerful shape , or symbol, what does it represent in the human consciousness that makes it’s use so prolific in physical reality .

Just look at all the logos for companies, the Pyramids of ancient Egypt , the symbols used by secrete societies often have a triangle or pyramid in them and the list goes on of the  use and fascination with the equilateral triangle , even the dollar bill has the infamous pyramid and the all seeing eye on it .

All around the world the ancient civilizations built pyramid type structures , even our social , and economic structures are built on what we call pyramidal hierarchies , so our entire society is built around this symbolic shape.

Even sightings of UFO’s or extraterrestrial craft in recent decades are Triangle in shape, as the popular flying saucers seems to be taking second fiddle these days, to the more sophisticated  Triangle Craft.

Well it turns out there is a very good reason why the Triangle is such a powerful symbol , it represents the 3 modalities of consciousness itself  which can described as Thoughts , Actions and Emotions.
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There are many through out the awakening community who talk about ” The War On Consciousness ” .  If your new to this genre of research or just getting started on your journey down the rabbit hole , then Freeman is a good voice to listen to get your feet wet in this idea of a war , or a suppression of consciousness.

I doubt Freeman is his actual name , buts its all we have to work with and his name doesn’t really matter any way , it’s his message that’s important and the information that he is disseminating that is useful in understanding what the hell is really going on down here on planet earth ,  in physicality , the games that are being played and who the players are.

It turns out there a couple teams down here working with the esoteric knowledge , that is the Magicians and the Sorcerers . The Magicians are ” generally identified ” as trying to make things better , trying to use the esoteric  knowledge of the universe to better the experience , while the sorcerers are  manipulative , and are using the universal laws of nature to control and manipulate the sleeping masses for their own agenda, which is usually about power and control.

So again we have the two polarized  aspects of the same energy , the same over all consciousness at work here , black and white, good and evil , nothing new under the sun , however what differs over time is what form it takes , what it looks like and this is where you can learn a  lot from researchers like Freeman , who have spent years analyzing and peeling away the veil of secrecy behind the occult aspects of society.
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