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Apocalypse Earth

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The Present Moment , Living in the moment, Being Present . These popular catch phrases,  these ideas are hot topics in the awakening discussion , and when understood and “Lived” are vital to staying sane in an insane world , but what does it actually mean to be present, to live in the moment .

All  of the great teachers out there  talk about being in the present moment as perhaps the most important aspect of  awakening , why … because the present moment is all that really exists, past and future or just ideas, constructs, thoughts coming from the world of form.

The key to actually living in the moment is really about understanding the “Human Condition”.  So what is the human condition , well the general connotation is that of … suffering, although there is so much more to “Being” human, much of it is quite wonderful , joyous and exciting !

So … what is causing the suffering part ?  Well … all I can share is my own personal experience , although from what I hear from others  out there , we are all very similar , we are  experiencing very similar challenges when it comes to trying to stay present and live in the moment .

It appears much of the challenge comes from our “over identification”  with form , which includes our thoughts  generated by the conditioned mind , our ego , our persona ,  most of which we inherited through our culture via indoctrination.
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The Heart is at the very heart of the Apocalypse ! The more you can learn what it means to live from the heart the more synchronicity will flow through and around you.

The idea is not to fight your ego , its there for a purpose , its a tool needed for survival in physicality,but let it know most assuredly that it is not in control , of anything.

This can only be done while living “From” the heart. What this means is to allow yourself to live from love without expectation of the way you “Think” things should be.

Realize the Heart truly is intelligent and conscious, remember the brain can be completely dead from a purely medical perspective and the body can still technically be alive, what does that tell you.
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As we expand and grow in awareness  we are entering a period where we will gradually shift from a slightly more negative environment to a slightly more positive environment.

Of course this too depends on which version of earth you decide to experience.

For now we are talking about the most resonate versions “WE” are detecting ,for those of us who want positive change and are willing to take total and complete responsibility in our co creative  participation.

For those that resonate more , with a doom and gloom ending of things and believe that they are victims of negative forces, the outcome and experience will be entirely different .

And that’s OK too, we are so loved , “all things” are allowed expression , the universe , all that is, first source , is infinite !

This shift , for many humans will likely be imperceptible.  Even for those that are more sensitive and aware of the finer grains of  life , will only be able to perceive the shift as subtle changes within their own personal reality, their own “State of Being”.
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Today we will be ” thanking ” universe for the abundance that ” it is ”  and  ” giving”  our unconditional love in return , in the form of good food, camaraderie , and support to those around us who may not be able,  at this time,  to feel it on their own.

There is no higher vibration,  than the state of appreciation , of being thankful for our very existence , of knowing that universe will always support us in our journey towards greater expansion and awareness.

For many right now on this planet there is a lot of suffering , uncertainty and fear , many live are in turmoil and upheaval for various reasons and circumstances, some are related to money ,health ,  some are related to the incredible personal changes that are taking place in these times of the Apocalypse , the unveiling.

Individually and collectively we are going through this process, while each of us go about in our own unique way , collectively we share the lessons with each other , becasue ultimately we are one being , having the experience as many.

So today as you look around the table , around the room , on the street , in the park , as you drive past someone in their car , know that  any sense of separation is an illusion , we are all one thing… consciousness !

As the veil between the physical and the non physical , between the truth and the deceptions slowly fades , we are re awakening to who and what we truly are, and while we have always been these things , because of the cyclical nature of universe we are experiencing it as a re birth , and as  in all  human birthing processes , there is always pain …. followed by incredible joy !
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Are you stressed out !  I hope not , however  billions of humans on this planet right now are in stress mode, so it’s no shock if you are part of the club.

We are given so  many things to “worry ” about , here in this drama , play , this virtual reality game we call life !

So many believe this is it , all there is , they have their houses , their cars, their bank accounts, their careers ,big frowns on their foreheads  , and families to take care of , and many “believe”  everything is in jeopardy … of being … lost , and many have lost quite a bit already , it is happening !

This is the mind set , the ” state of being ”  for many on earth and it is perpetuated every single moment of each day by all the fear based programs , the latest big one , (besides money issues which everyone has to deal with lately , because of the collapse of the economic systems ) ,   is the health care issue , people are loosing their health care , or will end up paying more for their health care , or will be fined if they don’t get health care … jeeze , more problem, reaction solution ad nausea from the powerless that be , and for those that buy into the control mechanisms… unfortunately !
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Becoming more heart centered is the way to modulate, to become a better vehicle for transmitting positivity into physical reality.

The increased energies we are experiencing during the Apocalypse are there for us to do with as we choose.

Universe makes no judgment on what is good or bad, right or wrong , positive or negative, these are polarized concepts that exist within all that is, all that is , is not subject to them.

And of course from a greater perspective we are universe, simply experiencing itself.

And one of the experiences we have created , is the ability to move from one vibratory frequency to another , to travel from darkness to light.

This particular cycle we are going through , as we travel with mother earth through the cosmos  , is taking us to an area with increased energies, so again it’s our choice as individuals and as collectives , what we want to do with that energy in these co creative dramas.

If you resonate toward the light , then Living From the Heart will allow the process to gain momentum and will aide in bringing these energies into physicality.

When you live form the Heart, when you “become” the heart virtues in your daily life, a healing will take place, a regeneration will occur,  much like flower that unfolds it’s beautiful petals to soak in the Sun’s energies.

We will call these petals of our spirit body  ,  the “Etheric Antennae ” , and as this antennae  opens fully, through a love filled heart , we are  able to absorb more co creative energy , we become less cut off from source , we become more of what we are, which creates a feed back loop bringing these higher vibratory frequencies into our local morphogenetic field.

This is the practical application of living from the heart, this is co creation , this is how each of us can participate in  this transformation , you don’t have to go rioting in the street, you don’t have to break windows, or carry signs and yell chants, or join any groups, or organizations.

You simply go quietly within and take responsibility for you “State Of Being” , and by doing so you become the change you want to see in the outer world , regardless of whether any noticeable change is actually occurring outwardly, becasue in reality , there really is no “Out There”.

Appreciation: Appreciate all of your experiences, your life, your loved ones, the small details, they are here to teach us .  That’s why we are here, to learn and grow.   A person who lives in appreciation of even the smallest of things will live a life full of  joy as universe will reflect back , will mirror this appreciative spirit in a self fulfilling feed back loop.

.2  Compassion: Compassion is an aspect of empathy , the Latin meaning is co-suffering.  Compassion for others will be more important than ever through these Apocalyptic times. For many , their current paradigms , lifestyles, will be completely altered to the point many will feel lost, alone and afraid . Compassion from others will let them know they are not alone and are part of a greater reality.

.3    Forgiveness: This is about letting go of “who” is right or wrong , and  forgiving others and  yourself . Many of us are going through a lot of economic  and other stressful situations , trying to make ends meet, trying to keep it all together, while the world around us no longer makes sense.  It’s ok to surrender, to forgive, we don’t have all the answers , just do your best, knowing that  you  are all fully supported in everything that you do , we are all loved unconditionally.

.4    Humility: You can have humility and still remain empowered. So many people “out there” in the world have a sense of entitlement, that they are owed a living , that they are somehow better than others.  This is partially the bi product of a very materialistic and ego centric environment that we have all be indoctrinated into .

.5   Understanding: Take the time and put yourself in someone else’s shoes, they had a different set of experiences, they have a different persepctive , and that’s OK , it would be boring if were all alike and lived the same life.

.6   Valor: To be of worth, to be strong for others. You can only be there for others when you have worked through a lot of your own issues, I call it shadow work. When you are firmly living the heart virtues, you will have the strength and courage to reach out and lend a hand when it’s needed.

Of course all of these ” Heart Virtues ‘ are just attributes of the same thing, and that is unconditional love, attributes of the heart.  What is unconditional  love, well they are just words of course, they do not adequately describe the full range of experiences that lay at the center of our hearts.

Living the heart virtues is a “Knowing” , and a Being , that we are infinite , co creative first source transmitter / receivers , like flowers that have opened their petals to allow the suns radiant energy in , and we give back an astonishing beauty that the whole world can enjoy.

The more we allow our hearts to take the lead , to guide us in all of our decisions , the more synchronicity we experience in our daily lives.

There is nothing wrong with the ego or mind , it is a necessary tool in experiencing 3d 5 sense reality.

The heart , however is the multi dimensional portal so to speak , it is how we can reconnect with higher self , which allows us greater awareness of “all that is”.

We talk a lot these days in the alternative discussion , about being multi dimensional beings , and intuitively, I experience what that means everyday, although articulating these concepts is difficult at times.

We try and conceptualize , with our minds, what it means to be in the moment, what does reality look like, with no future , no past. How can there be infinite versions of myself, and earth for that matter.

And the big questions is , if there are infinite versions of reality , within the rich field of probability that we call the universe, where does that leave us , where are we actually at , where do we exist.

Here , there, and everywhere it sounds like, and all simultaneously, we are infinite, multi dimensional fractals of “all that is” , capable of individuated awareness , and collective consciousness all at the same time.

See what I mean, these concepts tend to “Boggles The Mind” , so tell the mind to take a break and let your hear sort it all out.

I have found someone however who does an excellent job of articulating these Ideas , so take a listen to “Manus” from his you-tube video about Shifting Between Parallel Earths, and infinite versions of ourselves.

Make sure to listen with the heart though so that you can grasp these concepts.