During this Apocalypse we are unveiling the illusions, we are having revelations , we are turning on the lights in the room , and we are getting glimpses of who and what we are , and where we have come from , our real history , not the one we are taught in school , what I would call the “Children’s ” version.

The children’s version documents the outer historical events and tells a nice story where good overcomes evil , however , for most of us who have taken the time to ” look ” we can see right through the lies ,and we are now , deep in the process,  of mapping out what many refer to as an ” Alternative History ” .

And  this alternative history is showing  us that the  universe , the world,  is a far stranger,  more exciting and interesting place, than anything we could have ever imagined. While there are a lot of voices out there discussing these matters , at some point we have to move beyond that and into the realm of solutions to our ” Current Predicaments “.

One aspect of our society , arguably the most important  is something we now call the economy , money, banking , this construct is at the epicenter of our problems on this planet, which is why it’s important we understand how we got here and what we prefer it to be so that when the current system collapses we have something in place.

Which is why I find it refreshing that one of the voices that has contributed so much to exploring alternative history is also exploring solutions to our corrupted banking and monetary systems , and that voice is Michael Tellinger.
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One of the most important questions of the Apocalypse is “Who are We ” or even more importantly , what are we. Until we answer these basic questions how can we ever understand the nature of the reality we find ourselves in.

These questions of who and what we are inevitably take us into the domain of other sentient beings , call them extra terrestrial , ultra dimensional , Alien call them what ever you like but we end up at the same place.

We find evidence of these other beings in all of our past civilizations , from the Egyptians , the Sumerians , and back to Atlantis and beyond. Who are they , Where did they go , and where are they now .

If you are fascinated with these questions you will enjoy the work of Michael Tellinger who started out as a singer / song writer and activist with the anti-apartheid movement in Africa.

Lately Michael has become one of the leading researchers in the field of the origins of man and the Anunnaki race that have been said to be one of the most influential of the races that have been interacting with man for thousands perhaps millions of years.

In his book ” Slave Species of God ” Michael shares his unique perspective and fascination with the work of Zacharia Sitchin who also dedicated his life to understanding who we are and where we come from.

I applaud anyone who isn’t buying the answers that are provided to us by Religion and Science , both of which in my opinion are simply too simplistic and limited for our current state of evolution and awareness.

Many of us on this planet have out grown the fairy tales , we are ready for whatever comes, and this is the purpose of the Apocalypse, to illuminate every question unanswered.

Michael Tellinger is an excellent researcher and I find him very entertaining to listen to with his English accent and incredibly articulate dissertation of all things Anunnaki.

Check out the books below by Michael Tellinger !

In this video join Michael on a journey through sacred sites in Africa such as Adams Calendar , just open your mind and see if anything resonates.


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