Exploring ” The Thule Society ” calls for an extended tour in the rabbit hole , so put your gear on , and be ready to dig deep and be able to let go of any and all pre conceived nonsense  you were taught in school or anywhere else for that matter so that you can enjoy the exploration process and just let the data take you where it goes.

Warning : this subject matter is not for those who believe in Santa Claus the Easter Bunny , or that Politics is about choice , no please don’t make me laugh… stop it , seriously though …just have fun with it , at the end of the day its all just …Information !

The reason for bringing up  ” The Thule Society” is because it is connected to some much of the subject matter of the awakening or alternative movement , so much of the subject matter that some may find distasteful or fear based if you will , and to that I say hogwash …if you don’t look at the whole picture , you will miss out on the beauty of the whole painting .

For example when you start digging into the Thule Society you end up talking about  Hitler , the Annunaki , the Aryan Race, Atlantis, The Sumerians , Hybrid Humans, the genetic modification of human DNA, Hollow Earth,   Ancient and extraterrestrial  civilizations , Blue bloods, the Banking Elite , Time Travel , Flying Saucers , Alien Abduction,  the Blue eyed blond haired all American Boy and Girl, The master Race , The Third Reich , The Forth Reich , The Elder Race, The Elohim, The Nephilim , Secrete Societies , Nazi Mysticism , The Knights Templar ,The Black Sun , Anti Gravity Technology , Prana , Thule Society, Racism , The battle between gods, Vril Society and the list goes on and on and on…
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The Swastika is the perfect illustration or example of how something can have more than one meaning depending on your definitions. Remember nothing has built in meaning , we give things meaning , things are just … well things , props , that we as consciousness use as we create the dramas , plays known as life.

I would guess that 99% of all humans on this planet would view the symbol , the design , the image of the swastika from a negative persepctive , of course becasue of Nazi Germany and world war II.

However what they don’t know is that the swastika has been around for thousands of years , long before Hitler and the Nazi’s , in fact the reason he chose that symbol was becasue of his fascination with all things esoteric.

There is a huge story behind Hitler , that they didn’t teach you in high school , that goes beyond world domination , in fact it goes beyond this world , beyond our planet … literally.
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