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Apocalypse Earth

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We don’t get many actors or actresses stepping up and actually letting it all hang out , and for that I give Mary Sean Young 5 stars and a thumbs up.

Perhaps it’ becasue Hollywood is at least partially controlled by the very same forces that control the Main Stream Media , which of course is controlled by the corporations , which are controlled by the Ruling Elite , which is controlled by the ….

Ok I will stop there , and let Mary field that subject matter , as she does so candidly in a recent interview on Red Ice Radio. In fact I can’t think of anyone in Hollywood who even talks about the subjects we discuss here , so it was nice to see someone step forward.

Mary Sean’s account of her awakening process sounds very familiar. Like most of us after you awaken from the slumber , you go from shock , to anger , sometimes depression, helplessness , all of the above , that make up a classic “Dark Night Of Soul” scenario.

From there it really depends on the individual, there can be denial , as in trying to stuff ones head back in the sand, that usually doesn’t work, or there can more anger , more resentment , more frustration, until a type of madness sets in. ( Read More… )


One of the major paradigm shifts that needs to occur on this planet is new forms of energy and technologies that will allow us to wean ourselves off the dependency on fossil fuels,or(explosion based technology as some of us like to call it ) ,which is very destructive to the planet and creates a state of  scarcity , fear , resource wars,  and an Elite class who control and monopolize the whole show.

There have been many people over the last hundred years or so who have been on the cutting edge of new technologies that could free humanity from these energy kings , think Nikola Tesla and others , however there is a huge power based attached to these old technologies and when someone comes out with something new , they are summarily squashed into the ground and their discoveries and inventions are suppressed …never to see the light of day.

When corporations are making hundred of billions , trillions of dollars,  it does make  financial sense to spend billions squashing any and all competing technologies … profit and control is their god !

John Hutchison is part of this story , the battle between humanity and the control mechanism on the planet that seek to ..well control everything , especially technology that usurps the intrenched oil based economy that we currently have.
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None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes , at least that’s what we call them , but are they really, think about it. What would we be without our so called mistakes, well we wouldn’t be who we are.

So in reality there are no mistakes, there are only experiences , and our definition of those experiences. Robert Reckmeyer is voice that immediately jumped out at me as someone who has taken plenty of risk and lived life in his own terms.

Earlier in his life , Robert was international drug dealer and ran with some pretty tough customers , and eventually wound up on the wrong side of the law and in prison.

Later in life after serving his time , and making amends with his family he re entered the game of life that we call society , and over time he became increasingly aware, like many of us have, that the world is not what we think it is , not at all.

It’s quite an interesting real life story and it illustrates that no matter where we come from , or where we are going , we have all been fooled , indoctrinated into a reality that is really just an illusion, a type of dream.

After listening to just a couple of his videos its easy to tell that Robert has a grasp of the subject matter that we in the alternative research community are talking about.

In his Documentary , “Conspiracy Truth , The Real War for The Soul of Humanity ” , Robert lays out in a very articulate manner and the control structures on planet earth and who the players are.
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In 2009 I shifted to a version of reality , a timeline, a probable earth , that included the individual know as Darryl Anka. Darryl has been channeling a being known as Bashar for almost 30 years.

What fascinates me is that I have been exploring the nature of reality just as long and up until 2009 I had never heard of Bashar.

For someone like myself who frequents the Metaphysical section of book stores and made more than a couple of trips to Sedona , you would think I would have come across his name along the way .

So it appears we are constantly shifting, “I’m Shifting Now” !

I recently found out that Darryl actually went to some of the original Jane Roberts meetings back in the day where she channeled Seth and that blew my mind becasue I studied the Seth Material for many years.

In fact the Seth material, I have always held as some of the most resonate , useful material to be found on this planet, in physicality, and much of my growth in understanding the nature of reality, my expansion, I attribute to to the Seth material.

The Seth Material awakened me to the ideas that have become the basis for my belief system. And that is that we are multi dimensional beings and that we create our reality, individually and collectively.

I would suggest that the primary message of both Bashar and Seth is that we create reality, that reality is a bi product of consciousness, infinite , source consciousness, the only true substance of the universe.

So while this is a new discovery , I am not surprised, in fact when you look at the image of what Seth was supposed to look like , drawn by Jane Roberts partner Robert Butts, there is a striking similarity between Seth and Darryl Anka { aka Bashar}.

The synchronicity in all of this of course makes perfect sense. I’m not making any statement here, not saying Bashar and Seth are the same being , but it does seem incredibly coincidental.

So all in good food fun I would say that Bashar is Seth 2.0 at least for me.

Because Bashar is being presented to us via Darryl Anka , we can enjoy his videos in digital format in the you tube reality , where ideas can travel around the world over night , it’s another step beyond reading, its a whole new level.

Back in the day all of the Seth material for me was in book format, and it was very deep reading. But just like the Seth material , I can listen to a Bashar video more than once and continue to glean information and insight time and time again .

I just thought it interesting to bring this up , many of you out there will likely have had a similar connection between the Seth material and that of Bashar which of course makes sense, as vibrationally they are a match.

And lastly I would like to thank Darryl and all his hard work and sacrifice in bringing this information into physicality.

From a greater perspective of course we are “All Connected” there is no separation, only the illusion of separation, or as Seth always said , ” there is no end to the Within of things”

Check out the books below by Darryl Anka !

What got me started on the similarities between Seth and Bashar is this really excellent, laid back interview with a couple of Darryl’s friends, check it out , its really informative and shows you the another aspect to the Bashar Phenomenon.