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Apocalypse Earth

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Early on in ones awakening process, one of the terms that gets bantered around a lot is “The Illuminati” , of course  we think we know what it means.

It’s “Them” , the Evil doers, the Elite bloodlines, the Masons, the “Super Rich ” the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers.

No wait it’s the secrete societies, Skull and bones , Council of Foreign Relations , the Bilderberg Group, the Military Industrial Complex, The Alphabet agencies, the Black Operatives who work for the Roman Catholic Church.

Hey maybe some are good guys, like the founding fathers who were actually very illuminated and made incredible contributions to mankind, becasue of their connection to extra terrestrial influences.

Man those Bavarian dudes knew how to party.  All I have to say is even after a couple years of thinking about it , I can’t really tell,  definitively,  whether  the Illuminati are inherently good, or bad.

Or perhaps now that we are moving beyond polarity , beyond duality, good and bad are just concepts that don’t work anymore, for many of us anyway, Black and White just don’t seem to make sense , its all grey.
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Well I have to say…  I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up … a Parallel Reality Specialist !!!  I know what your thinking … what kind of money could they possibly make , probably not a six figure income … well to that I say …perfect !

I was kinda hoping that once I got good at it , I was going to shift to another reality anyway … one where income didn’t  “Matter”  !!!

So where did I come up with this idea , well of course … Willa !   You know the being that is from a future parallel reality , that gets channeled by another being that is from her future even further up the line , who is then channeled by a flesh and blood human  here on planet earth ” in”  our “Time”.

Wow ! …you almost have to be a Parallel Reality Specialist just to understand what the hell we are talking about !  So lets simplify it here a bit… it keeps me from getting a headache … so basically , we are all multi dimensional beings that operate in multiple dimensions in multiple timelines , under multiple incarnations … OK my heads hurting again !

We are some seriously busy people… lets face it , no wonder we are confused , we got way to much stuff going on , we need to tone it  done a bit, maybe narrow it down to just a few realities at a time… jeeeze , who made the schedule this week ?
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In part 1. of Shards Of a Fractured Mirror we introduced Willa , a new voice coming through Bashar, who of course is a channeled by Daryl Anka , its a bit like Russian dolls , a channel, channeling a channel and so on , after a while one can see that the word channel is a bit outdated from this perspective.

From a greater reality , Daryl , Bashar and Willa are all part of the same being, at different frequencies,  just as all of humanity is really one being , fragmented into 7 billion “shards” , each reflecting back their own unique  persepctive of  reality.

Once we grow and expand beyond the idea of separateness, we are well on our way to allowing the next transformation of thought to take hold , and that is the idea that every “thing” is within all that is , all “beings” all planets, galaxies , universes, dimensions, time , space … all of it , is within each of us , we are “it” and “it” is us , no separation !

From this ” Higher Self ” Perspective true empowerment begins to take a hold , a type of empowerment that transcends every “thing”.

We start to see , that while there does “appear”  to be ideas,  we could call separateness, they are simply constructs created for the experience, they are not empirically real.

This is why,  for me,  Shards of A fractured Mirror has such a powerful resonance as an idea, metaphor, image, concept of what we are, and what “it” is all about.
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We all recreate ourselves daily.  Every moment we are constantly shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality.

When you decide to get up and walk outside , you are simply shifting through countless versions of reality , frame by frame like a movie film.

Each frame is a slightly different reality , we don’t think about it much because each frame , each version of reality is so similar that we don’t notice except that now you are outside, this is how motion is created, how change is created.

You see this concept played out in modern Science Fiction these days, its a very popular plot and has become a very common theme in movies and TV.

Once you understand this intuitively it will completely alter your perception of what you are.  What you think of as your personality  its just a construct, a type of program to use the computer analogy, then you can let go of all the baggage people tend to collect over their so called life times.

The practical advantage of understanding this  , and this is very  important , is that you begin to see how quickly you can change yourself , how malleable you can become, you are no longer locked into a specific pattern.

The practical “benefit” of being awake to this allows you to side step , to avoid the traps , the negative patterns , that we fall into when playing the part of “being” human , here in physicality.

When you come to the realization , the knowing , that you can re-create yourself each day , it means you no longer have to carry the baggage of the past around with you.

You can be free to explore , enjoy , and start new, each day ,each moment,  knowing that we are literally recreating ourselves moment by moment , in fact as you walk across the room , you are not the same person that started out at the other side.

This reality , this unified field  we are swimming through is so infinitely charged with energy , that we can create matter at the speed of thought, we are creating reality moment by moment.

Re creating yourself daily requires forgiveness, compassion , surrender in all of your moments , and allowing yourself to simply be , to Shift, to know you are infinite consciousness , swimming through a sea of potentiality  .

So once you understand this concept, the question is not , do we shift, the question becomes , what do you want to shift to, this is what we call motion , change, this is the true nature of physical reality.

As we become more aware of this process and allow ourselves greater mobility in our shifting , then we will begin to see greater changes in our life , becasue the new realities will be ” More Different”.

Below is an great vid someone did with some excellent visuals, music and Bashar in the background making this point exactly.