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Apocalypse Earth

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Well I have to say…  I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up … a Parallel Reality Specialist !!!  I know what your thinking … what kind of money could they possibly make , probably not a six figure income … well to that I say …perfect !

I was kinda hoping that once I got good at it , I was going to shift to another reality anyway … one where income didn’t  “Matter”  !!!

So where did I come up with this idea , well of course … Willa !   You know the being that is from a future parallel reality , that gets channeled by another being that is from her future even further up the line , who is then channeled by a flesh and blood human  here on planet earth ” in”  our “Time”.

Wow ! …you almost have to be a Parallel Reality Specialist just to understand what the hell we are talking about !  So lets simplify it here a bit… it keeps me from getting a headache … so basically , we are all multi dimensional beings that operate in multiple dimensions in multiple timelines , under multiple incarnations … OK my heads hurting again !

We are some seriously busy people… lets face it , no wonder we are confused , we got way to much stuff going on , we need to tone it  done a bit, maybe narrow it down to just a few realities at a time… jeeeze , who made the schedule this week ?
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In part 1. of Shards Of a Fractured Mirror we introduced Willa , a new voice coming through Bashar, who of course is a channeled by Daryl Anka , its a bit like Russian dolls , a channel, channeling a channel and so on , after a while one can see that the word channel is a bit outdated from this perspective.

From a greater reality , Daryl , Bashar and Willa are all part of the same being, at different frequencies,  just as all of humanity is really one being , fragmented into 7 billion “shards” , each reflecting back their own unique  persepctive of  reality.

Once we grow and expand beyond the idea of separateness, we are well on our way to allowing the next transformation of thought to take hold , and that is the idea that every “thing” is within all that is , all “beings” all planets, galaxies , universes, dimensions, time , space … all of it , is within each of us , we are “it” and “it” is us , no separation !

From this ” Higher Self ” Perspective true empowerment begins to take a hold , a type of empowerment that transcends every “thing”.

We start to see , that while there does “appear”  to be ideas,  we could call separateness, they are simply constructs created for the experience, they are not empirically real.

This is why,  for me,  Shards of A fractured Mirror has such a powerful resonance as an idea, metaphor, image, concept of what we are, and what “it” is all about.
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Well I have to say again, universe uses everything, there is no black and white, and some of the “Programming” on Television these days seems to be bent on reprogramming so to speak.

Given the burgeoning police state around the world there are dozens of Cop shows , and shows about lawyers that seem to try and drill in the notion that we all need to be good little slaves and that the average white male is the biggest threat to modern civilization, it’s so obvious its laughable.

But there are also a lot of programs that seem to be exploring and expanding the imagination by leaving behind the concept of a linear reality and embracing the multi dimensional reality, or parallel universe concept.

Granted the character in the new series Awake is a police detective , but the 45 minute pilot did peek my curiosity a bit . It was something that hit home with me , an experience perhaps many of us have had.

The detective character in this program is consciously living 2 nearly identical lives, in both lives, he was in an automobile accident , in one reality his son dies  in the accident, in the other his wife dies.

He can’t distinguish one life from the other , they both seem real to him, which baffle his therapists.

More and more we see this theme played out in programming these days , where there is either a parallel reality in the plot , or in some cases multiple parallel realities, think Fringe , sometimes I can’t keep track of everyone’s alternate.

When watching these shows you have to quit thinking in a single linear, single reality, perspective, other wise it gets confusing , one could argue it forces the viewer to let go of linear thinking, which is a good thing, see some programming is good, as long as your conscious of it.

We are multi dimensional beings, we can and do experience different versions of our life here and elsewhere , it all gets played out , and as usual , art is imitating life, we see it everywhere.