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Apocalypse Earth

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What On Earth is Happening  !  Well that is a  very good question , and if you want some very good answers , you should check out Mark Passio , he is at the forefront of exploring what many refer to as polarity consciousness.

Polarized human consciousness is the reason for so many of the fear based paradigms on this planet such as  wars, religions, governments ,  and all of the hierarchical structures that create separation and keep humanity at each others throats, of course this polarity begins  inside of each of us , we are polarized beings , our brain is literally split down the middle  and this battle within us ,  manifests outwardly into the collective as chaos.

Mark’s Passio work focuses on unveiling how the human race has become so polarized ,it’s about  right brain thinking versus left brain thinking , male energy versus female energy , and how through manipulation , we are kept locked in a state of polarized confusion , it’s truly the old divide and conquer scheme ad nausea , nothing new under the sun.

Many people  in the awakening genre talk a lot about how there is too much male energy in the world , and that this is the reason for the wars and if women ruled the world there would be peace and harmony … hmm , not sure about that , I more of a middle path person my self , Balance is the key , and this is the main theme behind Marks work as well , which is why there is a lot of resonate.
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The Apocalypse is teaching us that Inclusion is more in alignment with unity consciousness. Black and white , right and wrong are part of the dualistic nature of polarity consciousness.

As we increase our vibrational awareness more and more we begin to realize that universe is about allowing all things expression regardless how we define them as individuals. In a universe that is infinite how else could it be. We are so loved we are allowed the expression to hate ourselves.

The practical benefit of allowing all things expression or choosing inclusion over exclusion is that your less likely to miss out on all the valuable experiences that you might otherwise have passed up becasue you are stuck in your polarized reality of believing that you have to choose one idea over the other , or one path over the other.

For example there is nothing wrong with acknowledging or even being excited that we may be on the brink of financial and social collapse while at the same time remaining positive about the future. The two conflicting paradigms can and do exist within consciousness , within each of us.
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Exploring the darkness is how we can see the light.  When it comes to looking at the outer world as a reflection of our inner state of being , we have to look at the dark stuff, the negative stuff , so that we learn from it , otherwise we are not getting the full picture.

Many of today’s New Age Philosophies tend to shy away from dealing with our dark aspects as some kinda of abnormality , or dysfunction.

However keeping our head in the sand about who and what we are is probably how we got here , few people want to take responsibility and do the shadow work on themselves, you know , where you go deep within and really take a hard look at yourself and what your contributing to the collective, it’s always much easier to blame someone else for all our personal and collective woes.

While the alternative media is doing it’s job in exposing the ones who are outwardly creating much of the worlds problems , you know the politicians , the elite banking oligarchy , the heads of corporations, the alphabet agencies and so on , ultimately from a greater perspective they are us , there is no separating them from us , we are all collectively the Human Race.

Now … some will argue, and  there is evidence to suggest , that there may be elements on the planet that are not entirely human , and they may play a leading role in creating chaos for their own agenda ,perhaps even feeding on our fear , to manipulate us in ways that keep us in the dark and them in control , which is exaclty the reason we should be familiar with the darkness , not afraid of it.
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If you spend anytime at all researching or simply exploring all of the teachings, philosophies and sciences on this planet , you will at some point end up with a rather large headache, becasue of all the “Conflicting”  information.

I’m sure you all have found a new teaching , a new voice that is so resonate to your new personal perspective of reality , and everything is going along fine , and then one day you read something  or the voice or teacher says something that sets off an alarm , it just doesn’t resonate , how could that be , and you get this sinking feeling inside that says … no it can’t be , have I been duped again !

How could there be so much resonance in this information , yet at the same time there are aspects of it that I don’t agree with  ,  I’ve got to dump it now , and start all over, I’ve got to find a new system, one  that is perfectly aligned to my beliefs with no abnormalities…and off we go again, searching for the holy grail of belief systems and definitions !

No worries , we have all been there,  trust me , and we will go there again ,and that’s a good sign , that means you are moving forward, growing ,  expanding in your awareness about who and what you are.
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It seems almost everything in today’s society is geared towards polarizing. The social construct from top to bottom seems to be an endless maze of polarizing input.

At a very young age the human being begins the polarization process , we are taught what is good and what is bad, what is right what is wrong.

From there we go to he is black I am white, she is female I am male, he is rich I am poor, I am ugly he is handsome and the list goes on  into infinity.

Until we wake up one day and our brains are literally split down the middle and everything we think and everything we do is completely polarized.

From the wars we wage to the hatred of different races, to the likes and dislikes, everything gets filtered through a process of polarization, nothing is left behind. We are completely polarized beings existing in a completely polarized dualistic paradigm.

Even our physical brains are split down the middle, a right and a left side , a creative and a logical side.

How did we get this way, how did we as a species of consciousness, human beings get polarized, this is the question that many have asked.

If you look at all the symbolism that we are bombarded with on a daily basis you can start to see that there is one, and only one intention,  to polarize, to separate.

Jealousy, greed, hatred, are all polarizing emotions , products of a fear based paradigm , that create separation between us, and these impulses and emotions are finding much fertile ground lately.

While love based behavior such as humility, empathy, forgiveness are all unifying and are the attributes of our collective consciousness that we need to be nurturing to rise above polarity consciousness.

So in the name of being the change here is where you can make your greatest contribution to society, and that is by being love, being humility, being acceptance,being  understanding, being forgiveness.

This is how you can help to shift the collective towards unity consciousness. It starts within each of us, there really is no out there, everything starts from within and manifests itself outwardly into physicality.

The effect this will have in our world will be so beneficial to all and is the only way we are going to really make any discernible change in our collective human experience. Almost everything else is simply playing into the hands of the polarized social construct.

Many people will argue that to affect change we need to get involved in politics, and to become activists, to get out in the streets and riot and protest.

But by doing so you are simply falling in to the trap that is set to take you further in to a polarized state of being without any actual positive change occurring.

So when you think of the term unification think beyond simply a unification of science, or unification of the geopolitical / societal , think of literally a unification of consciousness. Unification is outside of Belief Systems.

In other words understand that we all need to learn how to exist out side of polarity consciousness.

This means you will have two work on yourself and not worry about what everyone else is doing or not doing. The unified field is truly our natural state of being, and polarity consciousness to some extent could be called a corrupted version of reality but in reality it is simply a type of experience.

One of the best ways to try and understand and to try and learn how to live from unity consciousness is to learn how to live in the moment. When you learn more and more how to live in the moment you will find yourself becoming less polarized.

When you live in the moment you’re not asking what will I do tomorrow, or did I make a mistake yesterday you will truly be living in a place that is beyond right or wrong, beyond past and future for these are all illusions of the polarized state of reality.

You will find it does take some practice  learning how to let go of the chatter of the monkey mind and allow higher self to simply be present , in the unified field, of unity consciousness.

Remember you are not just your name, you are not just your job, you are not just your past experiences, you’re not just your physical body, you are all of things and “everything” else, unity knows no exclusion.

As you learn or more correctly as you remember how to exist as a unified state of experience , once you grasp this concept you will begin to find greater and greater periods of joy and happiness and peace in just simply “Being”.