In Part 1. of the Unfoldment, we talk about the book by Neil Kramer and  how resonate his views are in comparison with my own and many of us who are having this discussion.

There are some doom and gloomers out their who are peddling there own brand of the Apocalypse and that’s OK , that just adds to the challenge, and they are just doing their part as catalysts along the way.

However for me , the level of resonance with Neil Kramer’s work  is quite extraordinary, Neil has the ability to articulate verbally , exactly what I am thinking , and feeling with regards to this process we call the awakening, the unfolding.

And there are a couple of main components to this message that are coming through very strongly right now , and these components,  I will call them,  represent a pivotal shift , in how many of us have decided to continue on our journey.

We have decided to choose the path of integration. We have come to the realization that while the process of awakening does take you into some pretty dark territory , you don’t want to languish there for too long , take as long as you need, but just realize it’s only a stepping stone, one small aspect of the whole process.
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