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Apocalypse Earth

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What is the Template Level Reality. It is the blueprint level reality where we (infinite consciousness ) actually design physical reality, or any reality for that “Matter”.

In a sense physical reality could be defined as , “any reality” where consciousness is tuned into having an experience.

So using television channels as an analogy here: when your watching one channel on your TV the other channels are going on simultaneously and are just as valid for the other people watching them.

So realities are in a sense programs, constructs , designed at the template level , by source consciousness, so that  it, we, us , can have a variety of experiences to learn and grow and expand with, this is the nature of universe, this is our nature.
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There is a Template ,  there is way of ” Being ” that creates fertile ground for expansion and growth , it is not something you do , it is something you become , it is truly a “State of Being ” , that allows you to transcend the consensus reality, to be in the world but not of it .

The Template is what all the great masters have tried to teach humanity  , their message was not to “Follow Me ” , they were not trying to collect followers, their message was always to ” Be Like Me  ” they were trying to inspire leaders , by being a living template , by holding the vibration , the resonance of the complete Holistic , Angelic …Human !

We are in a period now where the process of integration , and the expansion of consciousness is propelling us further towards becoming living templates , the more of us that become living templates of this more refined energy , the more changes we will see in the field around us , and the collective consciousness , the consensus reality ,  it’s a self perpetuating feedback loop.

Being a living template is how you can take a proactive step in changing the world , although you are not really changing ” The World ” out there , you are changing your world , your universe with in you , and what you see is simply a reflection of that inner change.

The physical Human body is a powerful transmitter receiver of source energy , we are all immersed in each others field , however … much of the population is cut off from source, not becasue they are actually cut off, becasue they “believe”  they are, their beliefs act like wet blankets , like layer upon layer of calcification ,  like layer upon layer of skin so thick that there is no longer any feeling.
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We are all Co Creators of our individual and collective realities , even if we are completely unaware of the process. However being aware of the process and ” Consciously ” choosing what you want to create in your life is the major paradigm shift that is occurring for many of us right now in this moment.

“Being” a Concision Co Creator makes a ” Huge” difference in manifesting your highest joy ,creating synchronicity and levels of abundance you have previously never experienced , it’s the next leap in evolution , although in reality , we are simply re-awakening to that which we have always been.

So how does the process work , what does it mean and what is the “practical Application ” in your daily life of being a Conscious Co Creator.

Well first off it means that you are consciously aware that the reality , environment you experience around you is a refection of your thoughts , your definitions and beliefs !

I have always said if you want to get an idea of someones inner world , their inner reality , just look at their outer world, and you can get some idea of what is happening inwardly , why … becasue what is happening inside, inwardly , at the template level for that person is what will manifest in the outer world , universe is simply a mirror , a reflection.
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I have always been amazed that Cannabis , a naturally occurring plant , or flower, that can grow virtually anywhere is so threatening to the powers that be that they actually have waged a war against it that has lasted for decades.

What is it about this seemingly harmless plant that western governments find so threatening ?  What are they afraid of ?     Well that’s easy , they are afraid of it’s effect on consciousness !

Cannabis like many of natures plants  , when used in a sacred or positive way can teach humanity, it has a certain vibrational frequency that emulates the template level reality , in a sense it is a gateway into that vibration, that can guide us, remind us how to match that vibration ,if we need a little help from time to time.

And once we are within that vibration we will find physical reality a little more flexible, malleable , and we can begin to alter and reshape our beliefs and our definitions which will in turn effect our experiences we have while we are here.

This article is coming form the persepctive of a sacred use , not simply a recreational diversion , there is a difference, not saying one is good and one is bad , they are simply different, you might say one if for expansion and the other for escape.

So when we talk about a plant that can alter perceptions ,  we are getting closer to the reason the control mechanisms on this planet or so against this plant, once a person has had a glimpse into the template level reality , new connections are made , expansion begins and perspectives can change.
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