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Apocalypse Earth

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Well … after spending the last few day asking people to check their wallets , purses and stash  jars for cash  that is dated 2010 or later , no one has yet to find any.

So I am doing some further research , perusing the government sites to see  if perhaps it’s simply a matter of them holding back new currency for several years before releasing into the wild so to speak.

One thing I have found interesting here on the New York Fed Site , is the life span of the currency itself check it out.

“As shown in the table below, the life of a note varies according to its denomination. For example, a $1 bill, which gets the greatest use, remains in circulation an average of 21 months; a $100 bill lasts about 7.4 years.”

Hear in 2010 they talk about releasing the new $100 bill in 2011 ,  I have yet to see one past 2009 .

“There was approximately $1.19 trillion in circulation as of June 5, 2013, of which $1.15 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes.
(

As we approach the Transit of Venus , June 5th  in the middle of the year 2012, we are shifting into and through  the most talked about year for  most of us in our lifetimes.

So much is supposed to happen, so much is happening. For many of us just a few years ago , if you would have asked us , what do we think is going to happen in 2012 , we would have shrugged our head , not knowing , wondering what are they talking about , it’s just another year , in the future.

And then suddenly something happened , for many of us it was around the fall of 2008 , a major shift occurred in consciousness, for many it was in the form of the awakening dream, which in a sense ushered in the awakening from the dream, what we think of as waking reality.
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As we move deeper into 2012 and This Awakening process, it is important to remember to live each day with Humility , Integrity and here is the kicker , no expectation,  I know that’s probably the hardest thing to do.

How do you live in physicality ,in this complicated reality , with no expectation, it seems an impossibility. What does it even mean to have “no expectations”.

From personal experience it requires complete surrender, you have to surrender to the fact that ultimately you really have no control over anything “out there”.

The only thing we have any control over , and the only thing that “Matters” is State of Being !

And as you progress , as you expand your awareness , you start to notice that your expectations are usually a dim reflection of what universe had in mind for you anyway, and if you had  let your ego make the choices , you would have missed out on the blessings.

Its a lesson learned , no one can tell you. You have to learn to trust in the process, and again its about surrendering , its about letting go of all the dogma and crap we have been literally brainwashed with our entire lives .

I’ve noticed that people who are doing this are having a  much better go of it , a more enjoyable time through this process , and those that don’t are running their fist through the wall .

2012 is a tipping point, its the end of the Quarantine. From this point on, there is enough critical mass , enough people have awakened,  to shift the collective to a slightly more positive state of being.

Now that we are at this stage , now that we are having this conversation about other beings, we call extraterrestrials, which of course are simply other manifestations of  infinite consciousness having their own unique experience of all that is.

These other beings , some of  which are more like ancestors , are now allowed, so to speak,  to interact with us more so,  than they have in the past.

The Quarantine has been lifted.  As long as we are ready , and as long we are asking  for their insight , their perspective, it will be freely given. And this whole process is exploding exponentially .

Now here is the big shocker,all that these other beings are trying to do ,is share with us the story of what we are , so that we can become more of what we are. 

There may be some with more nefarious plans ,but unless your in alignment with them vibrationally , they hold no power, they are nothing more than bullies in the playground, or they are simply scared and trying to get what they can, greedy little bastards.

The only power “Anything” has , is that which you give it , so lets quit giving our power away to the programs that run the false paradigms that we call modern civilization here on planet earth, lets stand up and become the sovereign beings that we already are.

If you can approach each moment , each day living in that vibration,  not only will it make your experience more enjoyable , it will allow your higher self to work through you to a much greater degree in manifesting your highest joy, whatever that might be.

There are so many fear based programs running right now that unless you become aware of them , you are pretty much living inside a very closed system.

So lets embrace the end of the quarantine, 2012 is here and it’s not about the end of the world , its about remembering who we are. The big sleep is over , the amnesia is quickly fading for many of us.

And even though we may not have all the answers , or connected all the pieces of the puzzle , the gates are open , the Quarantine is over!

One of the first things you hear about when you start doing some digging around in the “Earth Changes” part of the awakening process, is this concept of the earth shifting on its axis.

What I find interesting , is that the discussion is about an event that may happen sometime in the future, all the while it seems like its already happening, right now.

This idea of a shift occurring stirs deeply in our psyche becasue the shift that is occurring is within consciousness itself, we are shifting vibrationally each moment , each day, individually and en mass.

And what happens on the inner manifests itself outwardly into physicality. It does seem the earth is shifting on its axis , and over the last decade , the large quakes we have seen , are slowly but surely shifting the earth into a new alignment.

Or, perhaps the shifting of the earth on its axis has caused the earth quakes , I don’t think it really matters, and from the perspective of mother earth its rather irrelevant, the reality is , the earth is changing.

Which makes sense , the host consciousness would have to shift right along with its guests as we plow through the galaxy on space ship earth.

If we  start with the Indonesian Earth quake  in 2004  there is evidence that the earths rotation was effected, which was followed by the very large earth quakes in Haiti , Chili and Japan.

In each major earthquake the planet keeps shifting little by little. So effectively it seems mother earth is taking the shift in baby steps, perhaps to lessen the pain for her occupants. She is a loving host, so this makes sense.

And perhaps when we become vehicles for love, for higher self ,we are helping to modulate, or moderate the shifting as well, we are acting as buffers , to counter the negativity, the fear which creates these psychic events.

Clearly if you were in Japan, Haiti or Chile , there was plenty of pain to go around , no argument there , buts it doesn’t appear to be the extinction level event that many have prophesied about in the Fear Mongering arena.

It seems to be more of a decades long event , that is now gathering steam in 2012 and is perhaps coming to a head, and yes it seems to be linked to this whole process of alignment , and vibrational shift of consciousness.

There does seem to be evidence that this is a cyclical event , and that there were catastrophic earth changes in the past , but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way this time, perhaps what we are feeling are old memories , fears from our distant past stored in our DNA.

It seems humanity is a bit addicted to these destruction stories, they make great movies and books ,and perhaps a good distraction form the mundane existence for many, but is it what we really want, its not what I want.

My highest joy is to shift to a reality , a version of earth that makes the shift a bit  more palatable, like she has been doing  , baby steps, Haiti Quake, Baby step , Chili Quake , Baby step Japan quake,  baby step and so on ,small shifts , spaced apart so that we can recover.

There are a lot of Fear profiteers in the world today and business is booming, so I think it’s important that we look at who profits form fear, who profits from spreading this message of doom.

If there has to be a cataclysm to turn the tide of humanity towards something greater , then so be it , if millions have to die including myself , so be it , oh well , but it just doesn’t make much sense, it just doesn’t resonate with me , that after 16 billion years of exploration we just start all over again, seems kind of pointless.

So I guess that’s the point, if we all have a say in this collective experience, and I think we do, if  each of us can choose what we want to experience and universe allows all things expression, then perhaps the doom and gloomers will get their extinction event, and those of us who want to find another way , a way that allows further growth , well we can have that too.

Remember unity consciousness is about inclusion , not exclusion. So step up and buy your ticket now , which train are you getting on , Extinction , or Exploration, well , you know my choice …whats yours ?

In the video below it talks about the big quakes and how they are following a pattern. hey it might get bumpy , but the end of the world , I don’t “Believe” that , and in fact it’s not even possible , right , after all , we are infinite consciousness, there is no “End” !

The Wake Up Call      Part 1.

1:40Am January 1st 2012:

I woke up to a loud boom, the whole house was shaking and it sounded like some of the windows actually shattered. Our dog Henry went crazy and my wife almost broke here leg jumping out of bed so fast.

We were completely baffled as to what had happened , we saw the neighbors lights on as well , so it wasn’t just our house. The little village of Lakeview sits nestled near a small coastal lake in the Pacific North West, and our house sits along its shores.

Its always so quiet around here , so this was quite a “wake up” call. We both looked at each other as if we had seen a ghost not knowing what we should do. We called the neighbors and they confirmed they too had been startled and were checking for structural damage and broken windows.

The Johnsons were  an older  retired couple , like family to us,  so we went over to check on them to make sure they were all right.

After making the rounds and covering two broken windows , we called the local fire department and asked what had happened, sure enough we were not the only ones effected in this small town of twelve hundred , mostly retirees from California.

Randy , the volunteer fire chief was also the towns sheriff, he said it sounded like a sonic boom , but at a level he had never heard before , and had already put in a call to the air force base in Medford to see what was going on.

They told him not to worry,  they were doing fly by drills , and when he asked what that was, and why they were doing them over the town in the middle of the night , he was put on permanent hold.

After a  sleepless night we woke up to a sunny morning and were thankful we didn’t have to go to work that day. The sun had been shining for 3 months now , very unusual for the Pacific north west in the winter time.

We had a persistent high pressure system parked over us and it did not want to leave , Sea Tac airport  reported the highest atmospheric pressure ever recorded.

2012 was here and it came in with a bang, literately. After breakfast we checked the towns small website to see if any updates had been posted as to the cause of the loud mystery.

Having lived near Nellis Air force base in Las Vegas for nearly a year , I have heard a few sonic booms before and while loud and annoying , they didn’t come anywhere close to what had happened last night. This was a whole new level, and I wasn’t convinced this was just some air force yahoos looking to scare up the old folks in the middle of the night.
(

Well here it is , 2012. And this is the year where we simply say no.

No to the constructs, programs, mind control, manipulations, anything that supports the polarizing paradigms on this planet that are “FEAR” based.

This Year We say “NO” to all the “False Evidence Appearing Real

This is the most powerful thing we can do as vehicles for manifestation in what we call physicality. As we move deeper into the Apocalypse, the light will be getting brighter and brighter.

As we illuminate this current paradigm , we will see the dirt in all the corners of the room , in greater and greater detail. And this is a good thing, the Apocalypse is a good thing.

Because everyone knows its very difficult to properly clean your room in the dark.

The “Room” we are talking about of course is the planet earth and the human race as we currently know it.

The awakening is like a potentiometer slowly being dialed up , ever increasing the light , so that little by little we start to see things as they truly are.

This is a process that has been going for quite some time , although in the last few years it has been increasing exponentially due to the ever increasing vibrationally energy we have been traveling through as our solar systems plows through the cosmos.

There have been, and there will be times when the process is painful , becasue we will be looking at the dirt and decay and rot of a reality that has been manifested by our own beliefs and definitions.

And that’s all perfectly fine, it was a process we all agreed to at some level or we would not be here.

But now its time we say “NO” . At first we need to say “NO” to the “beliefs and definitions” that are currently “manifesting” the fear based constructs.

Which means we say no to the “beliefs” that support War, Hunger ,Disease, Politics, Lack of Abundance, Pyramidical Hierarchies , Death, Polarity, Prophecy , Tyranny.

As we grow in awareness , as we dial up the luminosity in our collective room, we can see that Tyranny will always exists as long as we “believe” we need politics, government, Big Daddy in our lives to take care of us.

And as long as their are governments like we currently have , there will always be wars , death , destruction , economically , as well as environmental and human casualties.

So you can see how “Beliefs” are where it all starts, one belief leads to another until you have a belief system.

So its time to say “NO” I don’t believe we need wars. “NO” I do not believe in the false left right political systems. “NO” I do not believe money is the only representation of abundance.

“NO” I do not believe in limitation of any kind as infinite consciousness has none. “NO” I don’t believe “the Powers That Be” have any “REAL” Powers.

“NO” I don’t believe 2012 is the year the world ends , or that we have to face global catastrophes. “No” I don’t believe Belief systems are what “I AM “.

To all polarized, FEAR mongering , corrupted , Inbred bloodline, misinformation I say “NO” “NO” “NO” “NO” “NO”

2012 can be the year , if you so choose, to say “NO”. It’s the one thing you can actually do, right now , in this moment, “you” can decide what you want , what you believe in , what you want to experience.

Yes we still have to get up everyday and make a living , feed ourselves, find ways to survive while these paradigm shifts occur, yes most us of course will have to deal with the way the world is now , while we the collective decide whats next.

But we can in small ways as we go through this process , makes decisions on what we want to support at the collective level , even though yes we are still paying our taxes, still going to Wall Mart, still using paper money , still burning fossil fuels , still watching endless wars , killing and destruction.

While quietly , Inwardly, as individual fractals of all that is , we can hold the template for the type of reality we want to experience, and to the best of our ability we can “Be The Change we want to see in the world, such as Unity , Love , Compassion, Empathy , Understanding.

And as you do so , as we Become These Attributes of the Heart , you will find , synchronicity in manifesting the reality you are in alignment with Vibrationally.

Just remember this is the year to say “NO” I will not be manipulated, I am a sovereign being.

With that I would like to share one of the best awakening songs I have heard to date , It Rocks The Apocalypse !

The Mayan Calendar has been one of the most talked about subjects in the awakening community.

It is the reason we talk about 2012 because many still believe December 21st 2012 is the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Where the 2012 date came from originally I’m not quite sure although there has been a growing debate about the accuracy of this date and researchers like Ian Lungold and Carl Calleman  have a completely different date.

The date they came up with is October 28 2011.  I know it doesn’t have the same ring to it, I’m not sure I would go see the movie 2011 although any specific date on a calendar that supposedly spans 16.5 billion years is laughable.

There is so much to laugh about in the Apocalypse , these are fantastically interesting times. I will say this however as an observer I really thought the research Ian and Carl did was the best out there and it did make sense intuitively, at least the part where this is a type of evolutionary experiment, of consciousness.

The term evolution is a bit misleading though ,as it implies a start at some point , and I’m not sure we can think in those terms anymore , not from the perspective of unity or infinite consciousness.  We simply are and always will be .

But within the infinite system I believe finite systems can be set up for the purpose of experiencing different types of existence. So from that perspective , I feel more  resonance with the October 28th 2011 date.

Perhaps its simply a gut feeling , or maybe I’m just tired of waiting for something to happen and I don’t to want to have to wait another year for the Anti Climax.

I think others can relate to this feeling about right now, as it seems the world or the Mass Drama as I like to term it , seems to be in an endless loop of madness.

Which is why I wouldn’t hold your breath right about now, remember  Comet Elenin , or my new name for it Comet Elenot which pretty much just vanished with out a trace, yet still people are talking about it as if it may still impact them in some way.

Well at least if the Mayan Calendar does end this fall, maybe we can get off this predetermined path or experiment and we can all go freestyle for awhile, yeah that’s what I’m talking about.

One thing is for sure The apocalypse or awakening is a process that has been going on for a while and will likely continue, it is likely a process that is infinite in nature like we are.

So don’t be disappointed come November 1st that the world suddenly didn’t change , becasue as we talked about before , looking for change in the outer world may be an exercise in futility.

The only real change comes from within each of us , remember Gandhi, ” Be The Change ”   everything else is mostly noise.