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Apocalypse Earth

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Are you ready to unravel yourself ,  and be free of all of the illusions  that you think are “You ” !

Do you ever tire of playing the game , playing the part, keeping up with the maintenance of being you, being a personality is much like being an actor , with roles to play , lines to remember , proper makeup and clothing , it’s a lot of work.

However as we become more expanded during our awakening, one of the by products , or one of the effects is that you actually start to become  less identified with your human persona , you start to unravel yourself from the bonds of beliefs ,   in other words you are in the world but not of it.

You no longer think of your self as Bob the electrician , or Mary the nurse , or an American or a Californian , or the million other little  ways in which humans categorize themselves , each one creates a layer,  wrapping source consciousness in an ever increasing tangle of  symbolic rope, until one day all you see is rope and you can barely move, a prisoner in your own self created matrix.

And these layers keep building up over time until we really have no idea ” WHAT “we are, however we ” think ” we know ” WHO ” we are , we are Bob the electrician , who lives in Colorado, in the city of Denver, who likes football, votes Democrat, drives a Ford, Likes to hunt , likes rock music , is ex military , currently divorced , has 2.3 children , is against abortion , yet is pro gay marriage ( OK, I’m just making this up ) but you get the idea ,   and on and on the layers build up .
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One of the main aspects of the awakening process is integration. Integration to me is acknowledging that I am a multi dimensional being with many aspects or parts that make up the whole being , what we might call higher self the over soul and beyond.

The human body is essentially energy patterns that consciousness has created to experience physicality , so in that sense  the physical body is a type of thought form .

The Pain Body is also another type of thought form , I  first heard the term “Pain Body” used by Eckhart Tolle and I like the way he uses it to explore the idea of how there is an aspect of ourselves, a construct we have crated unconscionably , that stores all the pain we have suffered through out our life both physical and emotional.

From this persepctive we can recognize the pain body as  a separate entity with its own agenda , which of course at it’s root,  is survival at all costs , that is the agenda of all things in the world of form , they are all seeking energy , to stay alive , because they have no source energy of their own , with out source energy all form dissipates.

As we awaken ,  we become less identified with form , we become more present , and we understand that “We”  Are Source Energy”  “We”  breath life into “Things” or “Forms ”  with our attention .

From this level of awareness we can  begin to notice the energies of the pain body as a self created and self maintained  thought form , that we feed with our attention , we keep it alive , and only when we drag it into the light of presence can we begin to witness it as separate from our awareness ,from “What We Are”  …  now … we are becoming aware observers.
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Relationships are the reason we are here, we are  talking about all types of relationships , not just spousal relationships but all of them  all relationships are a reflection , just like all of universe is a reflection of our state being, our beliefs and our definitions.

Right now a lot of people are experiencing challenges in their relationships because of all the  adversity in their lives, primarily becasue of money and financial problems, that’s a big one right now ,   people are  loosing their jobs, or can’t find a job , they are loosing their homes, everything they have worked for is gone , this creates fear , which gets reflected in relationships.

Another challenge in  relationships right now  is the fact that we are going through a pivotal shift in consciousness , and with this increase in vibration and energy there is an uptick in anxiety as relationships can become more polarized than normal ,in other words the differences between people that in the past could have been over looked are now more pronounced , more obvious perhaps .

One of the most common challenges  we see right now, as it applies to the awakening process ,   is when one spouse has decided to embrace these changes , this awakening , by proactively expanding their own consciousness , through study , research, meditation , or what ever form they use to become more expanded ,  more of who and what they are , and their partner does not share their same passion.
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Bankers jumping off buildings , and some even  committing  suicide with a … nail gun ?  Revolution in the Ukraine and other hotspots where the populace has nothing left to loose , more polar vortex , the great lakes freezing over as global warming really kicks in.

While these events might seem strange on other planets ,they are only the tip of the iceberg when one examines the recent events and happenings on this planet , and I’m sure most aware observers can agree… the level of novelty circa 2014  is increasing exponentially.

As we shift from one reality to the next , we catch glimpses in the news , both in main stream and alternative , we watch the behavior of  our loved ones and those around us,  and we can see the signs , that clue us in , that we are at the precipice and  some have decided its… Time To Jump !

Right now , as I see it , as we go along on our individual and collective journeys, you have two choices as an aware observer, you can either become completely jaded with no hope,  or , you can see the madness for what it is and accept that the human race is fundamentally dysfunctional and has been of thousands of years …are things getting better … hmmm, not sure about that.

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As we move deeper into 2012 , past the midway point , the world ” Out There ” continues to oscillate between collapse and recovery, between creation and destruction , darkness and light , as more source energy is dumped into the playing field.

As governments and their masters use this energy to turn up the heat on the slowly boiling frogs, ( yes that’s us ) ,  wars , rumors of wars, aerial drones in US cities , Economic crisis , Police State tactics, Health Care Bills , Political Theater are entering into a level of novelty unprecedented in human history.

At the same time many of us on the planet are using this gift , this extra boost of energy to shift into higher gear, to propel ourselves further down the evolutionary path.

And like a snow flake , like a fingerprint , no two paths are the same, although they do  intertwine, they meet at certain intervals , they coalesce at certain junctures, all in a grand dance , the dance of the cosmos.

Some of the dancers come together, they are like minded people , kindred souls ,that  form groups, self organizing collectives , that choose  to create new constructs , new paradigms, new worlds, new versions of reality .

And today , in July of 2012 , at the half way point , between destruction and creation , darkness and light , I will share some of the revelations that I find fascinating , that interest me, that help me to see the big picture, that bring me joy and are helping to empower me on my personal journey.

I’m not so arrogant as to call these truths, as some will see them as pure nonsense , but there are many who may find a resonance , and it’s to those that I share my thoughts with , my voice with , because each of us , have our own truths.
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Applying what we learn in this awakening process,  to our daily lives,  is the key to what I call completing the circuit. And completing the circuit is essentially maintaining  a balance  between input and output.

It’s about fine tuning your state of being ,which allows you to become a super resonate transmitter / receiver, bringing unified source energy into this polarized reality we call planet earth.

Fine tuning is a process that requires us to do the shadow work on ourselves so that we no longer blame outer circumstances , and we understand that belief systems are just ways to filter reality, we understand that our definitions color our experiences and we learn we can define things any way we choose.

If you still feel you are a victim in all of this , then there is not much  you can do to help anyone else , more work needs to be done, on yourself,  this not about fixing others, its about being authentic and honest with yourself, its about going inward and taking a hard look at how you are defining , filtering reality , and looking at your belief systems to see if they are serving you or someone else.

When we free ourselves , from the old constructs, the old ways of being that are crumbling before us, we become better conduits for source energy , and we allow a balance of input and out put to take place , and in doing so  the human body , mind , and spirit, will all benefit and blossom,  full of health and vitality and infinite abundance , of all things, not just material wealth.

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In part one of the awakening process we discussed the initial phases many of us go through when traveling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. 

After we get passed the blame game of figuring out who is behind all the craziness on this planet we generally end up somewhere in the twilight zone of who is behind that curtain that we don’t ever get to see.

Most of the researchers out there who have really done the deep research allowing the data to take them where ever it goes regardless of its popularity or political correctness end up pretty much in the same place.

Its a place few people want to go out of sheer terror of actually taking responsibility and acknowledging that perhaps we are not what we think we are.

Hell , at this point , I don’t even know what I think I think I am ,  and that’s not a bad place to be becasue it leaves all probabilities open to all possibilities.

Once we quite blaming the bankers and the Elite blood lines , we peak behind the veil , and we see a non human presence. Most of the data points to the Anunnaki as the primary non human influence on this planet.  With out branding these beings good or bad lets just examine how they have influenced human evolution.

The general consensus from the “fear based”   camp of researchers is that they are quite the control freaks and are the cause for most of the turmoil going on in what we call physicality , and they seem to feed on our fear as a form of sustenance .

They say this is where Satan and evil find their roots in our collective consciousness. In essence what people call the Devil and Satan worshipers are really people devoted to these beings, and in return for their devotion they are highly rewarded with material wealth and power.  There talking about the rich and powerful elite class, those with absolutely no morality or empathy for the human race , waging wars and destroying mother earth in the name of profit and power.
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