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Brno, November 10th, 2014, My Haunted Life, A Compendium of Strange, but True, Tales of the Paranormal is the new book from Czech Republic-based author G. Michael Vasey published by William Collins Publishing, London.

The book features a number of strange events in the author’s early life including chilling meetings with ghosts, poltergeist activity, haunted locations and clothing and much, much, more. It is available in paperback and Kindle versions from all amazon websites and good bookstores.

“My childhood was a strange one. One of my first memories is of a little, blue man who emerged out of a mirror in my bedroom, shot me with a toy gun and then jumped out of the window into the backyard below.

You might perhaps think that I imagined it, except for the fact that my parents actually heard the gunshot!” said G. Michael Vasey. “This book is a collection of events that happened to me. All are strange and all are true. When people say that “fact is stranger than fiction”– they weren’t joking.”
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Guest Article By:  Dr. Gary Michael Vasey

While there are many reasons for knowing thyself one very good reason might be that the way you ‘see’ the world – or filter the world – has a very big role to play in how you see reality.

As a rather simplistic example, if I believe that everything is a conspiracy then I will see conspiracy everywhere. Knowing thyself is also about breaking down and ridding yourself of all the conditioning and programming that makes you ‘see’ reality a certain way and in ‘seeing’ or observing reality like that you essentially create reality that way.

You must attempt to break down and discard these lenses that you inherited.

Finally came quantum physics and, in particular, the concept that in order for something to exist it must be observed. The observer is the magician and collapses the wave function to create reality. Perhaps this happens at the quantum level within the brain itself where perhaps consciousness also exists?

The key thing is that when you start to put all of this together, we must come to a startling conclusion and that is that we create our own reality. In my novel, The Last Observer, where I explore this concept somewhat and in particular, this conversation between Edward and Stanley captures a good deal of my thinking;
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I would like to take the time here , to share with you another voice who is working to redefine The Apocalypse , Dr. Gary Michael Vasey . Gary describes himself as an Author , Poet and Mystic , quite a powerful combination of skill sets if you ask me , so we are very blessed to have him here with us , in this grand experiment we call life , physicality , the grand dream .

As each day passes universe continues to support and reflect back to me a version of reality that is in resonance with my beliefs , definitions and state of being.

However nothing is more beautiful or powerful as when that reflection is in the form of another ” Being” , another aspect of myself if you will , since in reality , there is really only one being , experiencing itself as the many.

When I cam across Dr. Vasey’s work , I immediately knew him as a kindred soul , a counterpart , someone with whom there is a lot resonance , this is the “magic” of the Internet , it is the ” Digital Consciousness” of humankind, it is helping to bring everything into the present moment , where time and space are irrelevant , there is only information , consciousness .
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We create reality , collectively and individually . We are both Individuated and collective , we are both the ” Observer and the Observed !

The New Release of Gary Michael Vasey’s new book “The Last Observer ” is an example of  “Synchronicity” at work on a collective consciousness level !   Just when we need it , we have a story that encompasses all the aspects of the awakening process into a cleverly written story , complete with archetypal characters that represent aspects within each of us.

This fast paced story  takes us through the process of unveiling the true nature of who and what we are as Co Creative aspects of all that is , its as much a learning tool as it is an entertaining read !

The Last Observer is tailor made for those that love good story telling based on fundamental truths that are empowering and help to illuminate the way towards greater expansion of who and what we are.
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