The Wake Up Call Part .3

Continued From Part .2

…I was suddenly awakened by a loud banging noise against the side of house, the wind had really picked up steam and I had to go to work in a couple hours.

As I laid there I couldn’t believe how loud the wind was getting , the gusts were impressive and my mind raced to the night before when we were awakened by the mysterious loud boom.

I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to get much rest in 2012 , only 2 days into it and I was already experiencing sleep deprivation, which I don’t like at all , there was more banging noises outside and I decided to just get up.

When I got to the door I open it and looked out over the deck and could hardly believe how hard the wind was blowing. The giant pine trees on our property were bending and moving in the wind likes blades of grass, the sound was almost deafening.

The lights flickered a bit and I started to worry about loosing power. I turned on my laptop and got on the internet to look at the weather forecast and the satellite images to see what had hit us.

It was the typical pattern coming out the pacific , ofter referred to as the Pineapple express, although this river of wind and moisture stretched for over 4  thousand miles , I had never seen anything like it.

As I looked at the satellite images I had a feeling in my gut that said we were goign to get hammered. I made some coffee and headed out the door to batten down the hatches , and make sure everything was secure.

As I made my rounds around the property the wind had reached a point that was approaching hurricane speeds, and  I knew that we were in for some sort of unprecedented event, I could just feel it.

Everything felt strange , unreal, I didn’t feel like I was inside my body , the last  48 hours were perhaps the strangest most exhilarating moments in my life and things looked like they were just getting started.

As the morning wore on, the winds increased to 80 mph with gusts topping 100 mph and Hanna and Henry were both becoming increasingly nervous and frightened.
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The Wake Up Call      Part 1.

1:40Am January 1st 2012:

I woke up to a loud boom, the whole house was shaking and it sounded like some of the windows actually shattered. Our dog Henry went crazy and my wife almost broke here leg jumping out of bed so fast.

We were completely baffled as to what had happened , we saw the neighbors lights on as well , so it wasn’t just our house. The little village of Lakeview sits nestled near a small coastal lake in the Pacific North West, and our house sits along its shores.

Its always so quiet around here , so this was quite a “wake up” call. We both looked at each other as if we had seen a ghost not knowing what we should do. We called the neighbors and they confirmed they too had been startled and were checking for structural damage and broken windows.

The Johnsons were  an older  retired couple , like family to us,  so we went over to check on them to make sure they were all right.

After making the rounds and covering two broken windows , we called the local fire department and asked what had happened, sure enough we were not the only ones effected in this small town of twelve hundred , mostly retirees from California.

Randy , the volunteer fire chief was also the towns sheriff, he said it sounded like a sonic boom , but at a level he had never heard before , and had already put in a call to the air force base in Medford to see what was going on.

They told him not to worry,  they were doing fly by drills , and when he asked what that was, and why they were doing them over the town in the middle of the night , he was put on permanent hold.

After a  sleepless night we woke up to a sunny morning and were thankful we didn’t have to go to work that day. The sun had been shining for 3 months now , very unusual for the Pacific north west in the winter time.

We had a persistent high pressure system parked over us and it did not want to leave , Sea Tac airport  reported the highest atmospheric pressure ever recorded.

2012 was here and it came in with a bang, literately. After breakfast we checked the towns small website to see if any updates had been posted as to the cause of the loud mystery.

Having lived near Nellis Air force base in Las Vegas for nearly a year , I have heard a few sonic booms before and while loud and annoying , they didn’t come anywhere close to what had happened last night. This was a whole new level, and I wasn’t convinced this was just some air force yahoos looking to scare up the old folks in the middle of the night.
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