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Apocalypse Earth

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By : Matt Presti

Excerpts From December 2013 Secret Of Light Newsletter  Click Here to Download Full Newsletter

Work, work and more work is what a person who desires to further themselves through demonstrating their knowing mind in action understands and expects. There are no easy paths to producing great creations or accomplishing seemingly impossible goals that will live long into the future once completed. All roads have their challenges.

All great people must meet those challenges with the same strong character if they desire to achieve greatness.

There are many people in this world who constantly complain. We all have them in our families, our circles of friends and our work places. If you don’t, you are a fortunate one indeed.

However, having taken a new job recently, I have come up with a saying that is apropos to possibly many family/friend/work environments. Those who complain the most do the least—those who do the most don’t have time to complain. Other words may interchange with the word complain if you get my drift.

One day I will more fully write about the experience of the last 6 months. It has been very illuminating and humbling. None the less, one may learn from any situation.

How you integrate those learning’s into your lives can be a strength or weakness. That is your choice. All learning experiences are good experiences when you understand Universal Law. There is naught but good in this universe of seeming motion.
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Russellian Science is at ” The Heart ” of a new cosmology , a new way of looking at the nature of reality, and no one is more passionate about the work of Walter and Lao Russell than Matt Presti and Robert Otey.

Of course it’s not really new, Walter Russell’s work has been around for a long time , however for many of us it is new information , so thank you Matt and Robert for bringing it to our “Attention “.

Matt and Robert are taking the work of Walter Russell and bringing it to light so to speak , they are helping to spread the message of this heart based science to those of us who were not familiar with it , their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Every time I watch a video presentation from Matt and Robert , I get a little more insight into the way the universe works , Russellian Science offers us a perspective very different from that of main stream science that’s for sure .

For one thing , Russellian Science acknowledges that there is no separating the creator from the creation , which is pivotal if we are to move beyond the limited ideas of evolution and creationism.

Matt makes up the word ” Creavolution ” to combat this limitation , what I believe Matt is implying here, is that in a sense both are true , what I would call Intelligently Designed Evolution , in other words it’s inclusion not exclusion , yes there is evolution going on within consciousness , however consciousness did not arise from the evolution of matter , we are not the progeny of pond scum as our mainstream science would have us believe.
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Guest Article By : Matt Presti

Who Am I ? You are a manifestation of your point of Mind desire within eternal stillness.

What Am I ? You are the extension of the Universal One Mind of the Creator.

How Am I ? You are alive because of the division of stillness into halves of motion extended from the center into left and right or male and female hemispheres.

Where Am I ? You are in the Mind of God manifested in moving lights of motion which produce form and tonality.  When Am I ? You are NOW.    Why Am I ? Because you desired it.

You are created.  You have a life.  This is your life.  This life is living you.  You are living this life.  There can be no life in rest as rest is not alive.  Heaven is man’s eternal abode.  Do not seek to enter heaven until you have lived your life.  Be where you are at.  This is where you are so be here.  Be now.

This is the life you have unfolded from your eternal resting abode in heaven.  This life, if you choose, can have purpose.  It can be purposefully lived to express your desires as you were purposefully born to express the desire to live.  Without division of the silence, there would be no sound.
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After discovering Matt Presti and Robert Otey’s video series a few weeks ago, I have become very interested with the works of Walter Russell.

Russellian Science describes a universe created by the mind of god, a thought universe, where we , as fractals of all that is , come to know ourselves.

For those of us who have a passion to explore , to expand , I highly recommend checking it out to see what resonates , to see if any thing jumps out , for me it was sacred geometry, and the holographic aspect of this virtual reality .

I was immediately attracted to this New Cosmology, this Holy Science , becasue it doesn’t separate the creator from the creation, and it fits in nicely with my current perspective of reality, although I allow that to change , as longs as it leads towards empowerment and expansion.
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Walter Russell’s New Concept Of the Universe is perhaps one of the most relevant works in recent times.

Sometimes called the Modern Da Vinci , Walter Russell’s work is largely unknown by the masses , and that’s the way the social engineers like it.

Although recently with the apocalypse kicking in to high gear we find his work coming back into the forefront of our collective re-awakening. His concept of the universe is very resonate , with what many of us are re -remembering.

Even though his work came out decades ago and was largely ignored by academia at the time , we can now see clearly what a genius this Artist , philosopher , Scientist, Renaissance man was.

Like Da Vinci I find it interesting that individuals that are creative , artistic and spiritual in nature make the best scientists , we need to see the creator as part of the creation as Walter Russell taught us.

The whole concept of man as separate from the creator is the dogma modern science and religion have been teaching us most of our lives, and now as we awaken we can see how this basic premise is simply a tool the social engineers use to manipulate the masses.

Because in reality , there is no creator , there is only consciousness or being, or whatever word you want to give it , and that is what we are , that is what the universe is.

From that premise we can look at the universe the same as we look at ourselves , becasue we are universe , there is no separation, its the, “As above So Below” concept of universe.

When you start to examine Walters work in “A New Concept of the Universe ” you may find it a bit hard to conceptualize with the mind at first , but just listen with your heart and you will begin to pick up more and more each time.

You will find aspects of Sacred Geometry , Astrotheology, The Electric Universe, The Holographic Universe , all of these models of reality that we are currently engaged in are discussed in his work at depth, and remember this was decades ago.

So even though the person we knew as Walter Russell is no longer in physicality , his work represents the timeless nature of reality that we are all part of and the creators of, there is no separation, we are universe, this knowledge is the road to empowerment.

Check out the books below by Walter Bowman Russell !

Walter Russell is a very resonate voice in this Grand Re-awakening we call the Apocalyspe and we thank him posthumously for his incredible contribution.