Unveiling the concept of  Technology centers around our definition of it. Most people think of technology as strictly things made by man himself, like cars , computers, houses,spaceships,clothes, dishes including the kitchen sink, all of it.

Everything that is manufactured that does not occur naturally in nature. This is the domain we think of as technology.

As we grow in awareness about what we are, what the human body is and our place in the universe there is another way to define what we mean by technology.  Technology from a greater persepctive is essentially everything that is not consciousness itself, in other words consciousness uses technology for the sole purpose of experiential exploration.

The human body is one of the greatest technologies that we know of , yes our bodies , our human bodies are incredibly complex forms of technology, a molecular machine , incredibly intricate and subtle capable of repairing itself, created by consciousness for the purpose of experiencing itself as separate from all that is.

Once you start defining technology as everything that exists within consciousness, you no longer view nature and man as divided. You no longer see  man as some kind of anomaly or scourge bent on destroying nature.  While it may appear that way in the mass drama , nature is just as much a form of technology as man.

There seems to be some program running in the social engineering on this planet that has fooled human beings into thinking that they are separate from nature. Which makes sense when you think about the nature of the existing control grid which is all about separation instead of unification.

Once we overcome this false paradigm , and move into a more unified state of being , our technology should start to reflect these paradigm shifts by finding balance between the technology of nature and that of humankind. Which of course ultimately are one and the same.

Considering these seemingly opposed technologies  are coming from one source it should greatly improve the living condition and quality of life on this planet , in this plane of existence once we blend them together for the purpose of greater benefit of the whole.

It’s possible  left to our own devices this is where the human race would be , just look at aboriginal races, living in harmony with nature. Somewhere along the line the human program so to speak has been hacked and introduced with a virus that can only be called insanity if looked at from a purely objective point of view.

Who is doing the hacking is another subject all together , but I think it has something to do with what we might call Extraterrestrial influences , at least that’s the place to start looking , and from their you can continue down the rabbit hole.

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