The Apocalypse Sun !

It was no real surprise on 03/11/11 when I woke up to find that there had been a 9.0 earth quake and the whole west coast was under a tsunami warning. I had made the post below with great expectation of something happening when the CME from this X class flare from sunspot 1166 hit earth directly.

The Impact from this event is still ongoing as of 03/21/11 , with thousands dead and millions of humans reeling in the aftermath of this X Class Flare. Threat of fallout from several nuclear reactors is becoming of great concern for people all around the world. War has broke out in Libya now, yes another war , revolution is brewing at the very core of human consciousness.

And yet for the aware observer , those who can see the incredible love and beauty in all of this can truly enjoy this process. It does not have to be painful , the Apocalypse does not have to be inherently painful.

True there will probably be times for all of us ,as we go through these vibrational shifts where we will be uncomfortable , but a lot of that will be depend on how you define the experiences you are going through. The more aware you are of what is going on from the persepctive of infinite consciousness the easier the process will be.

Now is the time to put ego in it place , and let the heart take the drivers seat !

And as the sun turns…another active sunspot groups crackles with life and turns towards earth…The apocalypse sun !

The apocalypse sun seems to have arrived with solar cycle 24  and  the second X class Flare within the last 30 days . This beauty is an X1.5 that erupted yesterday on 03/09/11 , and as you can see is earth directed and will be giving us a nice boost along the evolutionary trail.  These flares from the sun are like massive data packets , large enough to impact all life on the entire planet. So put on your “Sun ” Glasses and get on your surfboard and ride these giant waves , these evolutionary waves of energy that will shine the light of love and transparency .

It is time to live from the heart and let this energy flood your soul , let go of the ego and the need to be right , about anything , because we are infinite consciousness, we are universe personified. These solar flares are the sun’s gifts to us , its contribution to the human race and to earth. There is nothing to fear unless you fear the light , in that case you may not resonate so well with the apocalypse sun and maybe , just maybe,  that is the point .

Time to burn off the chaff , the chaff of fear ! So much of our energy on this planet is siphoned off by the use of fear in all of its many forms. Step into the coronal mass ejection and let the energy cleanse your soul , let it bathe you in bliss and love and thank the sun for its wondrous gifts. Even the Sun itself has been demonized as something to fear, a long way from being worshiped. But it should be neither feared nor worshiped , it should simply be loved for all that does in its participation in this grand play.

Let the Apocalypse Sun set you free !

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