2012 Unveiled ?

2012 will soon be here, and for many of us who have just learned over the last couple of years what it was all about, it seems like it may be rather anti climatic.

There is so much speculation about what will happen and what is coming,Hollywood movies and researchers on the Mayan Calendar are adding to the drama and it will be hard for 2012 to live up to the hype. I kinda feel bad for 2012 ,its been way over done.

The Main Stream media does not  really acknowledge 2012 as anything more than a New Age , pop culture, side show . The only real information about the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan culture has come from researches who have been studying the subject matter for many years but are not well known in the public eye.

For those that have spent time looking at this phenomenon there does seem to be “something” going on.  And there is a General Consensus forming among the research community that many of us are waking up to the Nature Of Reality , but certainly not all of us that’s for sure . In many ways it “appears” that humanity is becoming lost , has “fallen” asleep.

The 2 most notable researchers on the subject are Carl Calleman and Ian Lungold , both have spent years working with the Mayan Calendar and the Mayans themselves.  The work these two have done has helped to create a greater awareness of the Mayan calendar and its origins and meaning.

The Mayan Calendar is essentially the evolution of consciousness  over a period of approximately 16.5 billion years according to most researchers who have studied the Calendar and the ancient Mayan culture who created it.

Now here is the interesting part, the calendar ends on Dec 21st 2012 , or if you are following Calleman’s work it actually ends in late 2011 so that is another twist all together . Either way the basic premise is that time is speeding up to a point of maximum Novelty as Terrance Mckenna has called it and no one is quite sure what is goign to happen next.

Many humans like to gravitate towards the End of the World scenario where earth changes ravage the planet caused by increased solar activity, galactic Alignment , planet Niburu, pole shift , or a myriad of other anomalies that have cropped up in the discussion lately.

Then there are those who say it is merely a transitional period or a threshold where we move from a slightly more negative paradigm to a slightly more positive state of being , so a shift in consciousness more so than any physical earth changes.

It seems like it may be a bit of both , changes in consciousnesses which manifest in the outer reality , in the mass drama.  What ever happens it will be interesting , and it already seems to be underway , just look around you , everywhere you look you see things that can only be described as “Unprecedented “.

2012 is part of the Apocalypse, one of the main themes so to speak, nothing to be afraid of though , live form the heart, learn to love unconditionally, show compassion and understanding and you will be just fine.

To really get an understanding of what 2012 is all about , and I don’t mean the Hollywood movie hype , you should have an understanding of the Mayans and the Calendar that documents this evolution of consciousness. And one of the best places to start is with Carl Callemans protege Ian Lungold .

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