Apocalypse How: Eugenics

Eugenics is essentially a campaign to reduce human population and to some extent control genetic diversity. that has been going on for many decades and is funded by the rich and powerful.

The fact that there are now close to 7 billion people on the planet would indicate that it is a complete failure and is almost laughable, but the debate does go on about this ongoing project. Its not that I don’t take this subject seriously its just that I don’t take any subject too seriously.

I mean come on we are infinite consciousness , we are universe personified , I just don’t think the actions of a few globalists are going to impact the evolution of humanity, and Eugenics is a prime example of their impotence.

Below is a Recent Infowars Report on the Subject of Eugenics , with Aaron Dykes

Here Webster Tarpley discusses the concept of Eugenics as a tool for reducing human populations.

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