Apocalypse When Continued….

Well here it is July 2011 and while the over all awakening or Apocalypse is occurring at various levels globally, the situation on the ground so to speak hasn’t changed much for he common slave , I mean Man.

Can we get this party started , this is taking a lot longer than I ever expected, we may all be broke by the time anything ever happens.

By the time any real change occurs that could benefit the middle class , we  all may be living in tents cities, or worse fema camps. This is the new fear based paradigm that is upon us, there seems to be no end to this economic train wreck, and why would there be, nothing has changed fundamentally, in fact the solution is always more debt, more burden.

In  fact the global economy is deteriorating even more so than before ,meaning for “most people”, they have more money going out than they have coming in, or worse they are just plain broke, which creates additional strain on their lives and relationships across the board.

That being said there is a burgeoning Elite class that is growing by leaps and bounds, can you say “Transfer of Wealth” . Yes more now than ever ever if your willing to sell your soul so to speak there are plenty of buyers and the prospects of riches and power abound.  All one has to do is  look at the newly minted millionaires in the District of Corruption to see how that works.

So where does that leave us , most of us who are awake are actually hoping for some sort of pivotal , collapse in the system where at least we might have the possibility for change down the road even though there would be some pain in the process, at least there would be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Many compare this systemic disease and corruption that has taken control of the planet to cancer that needs to be cut out before the healing can start. Well I think we are way past saving this patient, I am for letting it die so that something new can be reborn.

I don’t see how we can effect any real change within a corrupt system, as many have said , how can we find solutions to our problems within the same system they were created in . Mission Impossible !

So this is why we I see a shift towards what I call Apocalysim, yep just made that up , but it means people or Apocalysts who want the Apocalypse to occur. Who want the current system to collapse , who want to start over , no matter what it takes.

I mean what else would a sane person want , certainly not more of the same , like the false left right political theater, endless bail outs for corporations and the super rich , endless money creation by the Federal reserve , with catchy names like Quantitative easing, more IMF take overs, more Wars for profit, more rioting and bloodshed in the street,more police state restriction of rights and sovereignty , and certainly no more “Dancing with the Stars“. No please God , not that!

Yes the Apocalypse is occurring , but When will there be any noticeable change on the ground, well it appears very , very, slowly, so you better be prepared for the long haul, and don’t wait for the World to change, Be the change yourself.

Because if your waiting on the world to change as the song says , then you better bring a book , cause you got a long wait!

So it all goes back to one thing down here on planet earth , survival, yep , most of us are now in survival mode, no more worrying about what we will do when we retire, or what item we might purchase next. Adversity can either bring out the worst in people or the best , we shall see. Perhaps this is humanities next lesson !

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