Apocalypse How: The Moon

The Moon for most people on earth is , well , just the moon, nothing to really see here, just move on. For those of us that are participating in the awakening process on this planet the moon is just the opposite.

Not only is it a fascinating topic for discussion becasue of its improbable existence, but it appears as if it may be at the very center of the story about the manipulation of human consciousness.

Even academics have difficulty piecing together a coherent framework for how the moon exists, how it was created or even where it came from, the real answer is no one really knows.

There are theories evolving in the awakening consciousness however, that are starting to resonate with many of us.

One idea for example is that the moon is not a naturally occurring satellite , the physics seem to be a bit blurry on how such a large body can have such little mass. Oh that’s right it’s made of cheese of course I forgot.

The missing mass leads to the idea that the moon is hollow , which insinuates that it was hollowed out , which obviously leads to it being built , by someone.

Then add the talk of bases on the dark side of the moon ,and the fact that it doesn’t spin so as not to show its backside and you have the perfect platform for a controlling master race to hang out while they manipulate human genetics and consciousness itself.

There are humans on the planet like the Zulu who actually have a historical precedence for this in their portrayal of the Chitauri or what we are calling the reptilian races. In there stories these Chitauri brought the moon with them , and they called it an egg, perhaps becasue it was hollow.

David Icke has been very vocal in this area and he feels that the moon is some type of  control technology, that literately manipulates the vibrational field around the planet  , which in turn can manipulate consciousness itself.

So kick back and enjoy some classic David Icke while he takes you deeper into the rabbit hole.

In his latest video with Red Ice Radio David Icke share his current perspective on what the moon might actually be.

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