Apocalypse How: Strong X2.1 Flare and Comet Elenin Line Up

Well the Apocalypse sun is sending us another data packet , so get ready for some high strangeness.

Today September 6th sunspot 1283 launched 2 strong solar flares at us.

The first was a strong M5.3 class , and the second was a Stronger X2.1 ,both eruptions produced Coronal Mass Ejections that are earth directed because the sunspot is dead center on the suns earth facing position.

Talk about the perfect storm , now throw in the fact that comet Elenin , will be making its pass by the Sun on or around Sept 11th seems to be quite an interesting prospect.

The last X flare we had was the one that corresponded with the 9.0 earthquake in Japan , and there was also an Elenin alignment as well.

Not making any predictions here , just saying watch out , the high strangeness meter is liable to go off the chart here in the next few days.

So far there has been a definite correlation between human and geological activity with these large flares and CME events.

In fact if one looks at the data you will notice the earth shifts a bit on its axis each time one of these events occur.  So the earth is shifting on its axis, albeit slowly, so perhaps Ma nature is cutting us some slack , and doing the shift in baby steps this time around.

Giving us humans time to adjust , it makes sense , it tends to be the way universe works sometimes. Of course if you were standing on a beach in Japan as the tsunami came in you wouldn’t  think of  it as a slow process.

To Be Continued……

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