Apocalypse How: Be The Change! Part 2.

Instead of looking at those that cause the evil so we have someone to blame ,isn’t  it time  we start looking for the cause of evil itself ?

Is it possible, that if each of us learn humility , understanding, forgiveness ,unconditional love , that the disharmony in each of us will be replaced by harmony , unity,  in all of us and our collective world ?

The purpose of the Apocalypse is to shine a blinding light on the obvious but seldom traveled path to change on this planet, and that is “Be The Change”.

It will be important to learn  how to deal with the coming changes , in a positive way so that we can create positive change, and the most important thing we can do is elevate our awareness.

The solutions to our challenges will never be found in the state of mind they were created in , and this is why  the only way we can accomplish the goal of  increased positivity on earth , is to be that positivity .

There is no other way , “Be The Change”.

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