Apocalypse How: Comet Elenin or Comet Elenot !

Well here it is late September and Comet Elenot has completely lost its luster as the hottest topic on the internet.

Like all the hot topics that come and go during this awakening Comet Elenin is ready for the scrap heap.

What’s next I don’t know but I’m sure it will be something and interesting.

I do admit to a bit of sadness that Comet Elenot was “Not” the Red Dwarf / Nibiru / Neutron Star / Time Capsule / Intelligently guided object that was supposed to , well , do “something”.

But alas poof , it has vanished , presumably disintegrated , like most of the internet hype that has become just another form of illusory entertainment.

But hey I enjoyed it , I went through a lot of popcorn. Next ?

Sometimes the Apocalypse does have its disappointments , we get all excited about possible events and changes that might occur, and then we have to get up the next morning and go back to work and try to make a living in an economy that is slowly crumbling.

So today September 27th comet Elenin was supposed to be in alignment , this would have been the day we should have seen some action , even the president was in Colorado mysteriously , perhaps just in case.

But nothing , nadda , the big Anti Climax !   Well another lesson learned , perhaps , that “NOTHING” is what we think it is , or more correctly nobody knows what is going to happen.

All we can ever know is what is happening in this moment Right Now. Nothing else. And as we watch the countdown over the next 30 days of the Mayan calendar which ends on October 28th 2011 , per Carl Callemans Work, we may very well find our selves asking what has changed.

Well I think the answer can only be found in the mirror . Have you changed , have I changed, are we living from love, compassion , empathy and from the heart , if so then the Apocalypse is indeed changing the world.

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