Apocalypse How: End of Mayan Calendar Time To ride Freestyle!

Well supposedly the Mayan Calendar is ending in a few days , October 28th 2011.

Personally I am glad too because I think we need a vacation , jeeze … that was a long shift 16.5 billion years , who came up with that number anyway.

Ok we learned a lot… I guess, or remembered a lot… or what ever , anyway, hopefully we won’t be locked into these predetermined cycles that take forever to get through. They are giving me a headache.

I’m ready to go freestyle and see what happens when time is irrelevant and there is only “The Moment”.

Not exactly sure how that’s gonna work, sounds like it might be cluster you know what, as everyone hits the throttle and goes careening off the road. We’ll all be four wheeling , course you know that can get pretty bumpy !

Hey why not , what could possibly happen , I mean we are infinite consciousness, time to let our hair down and say the hell with it … what …we gonna do this for another 16.5 billion years. God I hope not.

I say lets go for it , we got the sun giving us plenty of go juice to ramp things up , we are turning the transformer way up ,lets transform something.

They say by the middle of 2012 after much bumping around we will gradually go from a slightly more negative to a slightly more positive collective environment. Wow that’s a bit anti climatic ! Is that all we got to look forward to.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for more positivity , but after 16.5 billion years I was hoping for a quantum leap, not 51% positivity.

Hopefully “it” wont turn out like anything , anybody thinks it will , that’s all I gotta say , otherwise , boring ! Been there done that .

Whatever it is, it will be much appreciated and I thank the universe, and myself , since I am universe, we are universe personified.

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