Apocalypse How: Zeitgeist Moving Forward

Peter Joseph’s latest production in the Zeitgest series makes for an excellent educational tool for anyone who is trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Although by this time most of us have a pretty good idea and in fact as of this writing people all over the world are in the streets protesting against the “Banksters“, exactly as portrayed in the end of “Moving Forward”.

Not exactly prophetic, simply a logical conclusion, with nothing left to loose many people are finally waking up to the nature of politics, economics, and the very small group of people that are actually running this planet. The owners as George Carlin used to call them.

And its not likely even 1% , its probably a fraction of the so called 1% that are actually making the decisions , which only confirms the peril that we are in as far as corruption.

Now if this 1% of 1% were all about service to others we would be in good shape, but in fact it is the opposite , they are in complete service to themselves and perhaps something non-human.

At the very least the current monetary system is perhaps a manifestation of this non-human influence, as it creates a control mechanism that has quite literally imprisoned infinite consciousness.

I really found Moving Forward to be informative and it brought up a lot of possible ways to that we could solve the issues once the current systems have been removed.

And it does make quite a bit of effort in outlining possible solutions, “if” we were given a clean, pristine second earth to work with, which I found rather amusing.

Most of the ideas that were talked about come from the Venus project , and were all quite Utopian which is fine with me , I would love there to be a Utopia , although I’m just not sure where we are gonna come up with another earth, I don’t think we have one in our back pocket.

And I’m not sure how you could implement the systems talked about in the film on a planet that has already been exploited to the point where most of the life system are in dramatic decline or completely decimated.

That being said , “anything is possible”  , mother earth is also Infinite consciousness as well , so she is infinite in here ability to heal and rejuvenate.

The most useful aspect of the film as an educational tool , is that is does an excellent job of explaining what money and the monetary system truly are , control mechanisms. regardless of who are what is behind them and their creation.

That topic is for another film and and another day, and as I watch the Occupy Wall Street protesters at least we are making headway we are shining the light in the right direction.

As to whether protesting or even rioting will bring the change we are looking for is hard to say , it seems in the past it has simply altered the plans a bit for the social engineers , not really changed anything.

Which is why , more and more each day ,  I feel this awakening process we are going though is less about the world changing and more about each of us changing vibrationally , and then aligning ourselves with a version of earth that is most in alignment with you vibrationally .

I am keeping an open heart however , as I do not know what is going to happen, and I am trying to live from love , in this moment the best that I can.

So take some time to watch Zeitgeist Moving forward , it is both educational and inspiring , and we thank Peter for his efforts and allowing all to see it free of charge, which speaks volumes about those behind the film.

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