Apocalypse How: Russia Today Real Transparency !

I find it ironic that one of the few places Americans can get actual news is from Russian Television.

This is the reality we are now in , the veil is being lifted , and Russia Today is part of the process.

The shooting of a protestor in the face with a rubber bullet and then being bombed with flash grenades and tear gas can all be seen on Russia Today because of footage begin taken from cell phones and camcorders.

Russia  Today  will actually air these videos unedited , foul  language and all . The person on the street now has the ability to capture events and upload them anonymously to you tube for all the world to see with no editing . This is true transparency.

Of course the powers that be are not to happy and are constantly demanding You Tube to remove the videos. Although we  know  that corporate giant Google owns You Tube , which raises suspicions as to what the larger physiological operation is here.

My first thoughts are that it simply keeps the alternative media occupied and focused on the fighting in the street while the powers that be continue doing whatever they want.

Don’t get me wrong I love Google and You tube, I think it is amazing technology that has the power to teach , as well as the power to distract.

This is perhaps another excellent example of how universe uses everything. There is no black and white , only grey. As we move further into unity consciousness, or the integration of all our experiences into a universal sate of awareness, the polarity starts to fade.

Which is good , the current paradigms cannot survive without polarity, they need need it to remain in control.

Transparency is the antidote to corruption. Thank you Russia Today for being the first somewhat  Main Stream news agency to just show what is happening.

Below is an amateur video that was aired on Russia Today unedited “Revealing” what was actually happening. You wont see this on CNN, Fox or MSN.

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