Apocalypse How: I’m Not Waiting on The world to Change Part 2

So here is my perspective today on what it means to be the change.  The first thing that is becoming clear to me each passing day during this process of expanding consciousness, is that I don’t want to wait for the world to change anymore.

It had its chance and its way to slow !  Since 2008 I have been looking for events , looking for signs that things might be getting better , or worse , anything to show me things are changing.

It’s like we are in this cyclical Time loop , the same types of events keep re occurring in human history , and now during the quickening instead of a  33 record its more like a 45 record , faster skips of the same repetitive loop, to use the broken record analogy.

On and on the same old worn out dramas playing out over and over again , it is enough to drive a human being  insane, hmmmm…. perhaps that’s the point, or its telling me something very important , that I needed to learn, perhaps many of us need to learn.

And that is quit looking outwardly for change and look at myself . Take a deep hard look at who I am , what I am , where did I come from and where am I going , forget about the outer circumstances.

Once you stop looking for change in the outer world and focus inwardly , find your strength inwardly , find your passion inwardly then it doesn’t  “Matter” what is happening  “Out There”.

And once it no longer “Matters” what is going on out there in the mass drama , then and only then can I perceive if I am changing , if I am growing and expanding in awareness.

Once I see how I am reacting differently , how I am responding differently , how my definitions of things have changed, all while the outer world keeps playing the broken record,  then I can see the growth , then I can see change in myself.

I am no longer mirroring the “broken record ” that is out there, I can see the polarities for what they are  , and the limitations of physicality , becasue I no longer gauge my personal growth based on what the “Circumstances are.

Circumstances Don’t Matter. Only consciousness Matters, only consciousness can create Matter. Physicality reflects  the state of consciousness  that you decide you want be.

Change your state of consciousness, change yourself and the outer world will begin to mirror that  state of being.  Don’t do it for that purpose though , don’t try and change yourself inwardly so that you will have an effect on the outer world. That’s another trap.

Simply do it becasue that is the state of awareness , the state of being you wish to be in , becasue it is your highest joy , what you resonate with most vibrationally.

In Part 3 of  ‘ I’m not Waiting for the World to Change ” I will share with you,  how , through this process , I am experiencing, increased synchronicity , Increased abundance , and much needed peace of mind and overflowing joy from the heart.

All while the “world” seems to be endlessly cycling though the same old repetitive drama .

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