Apocalypse How: Protesting, The New Global Pastime

As I watch the protesters in Tahrir Square in Egypt being beating and killed today I can’t help but remember all the hype about the Arab Spring and how the “Revolution” had changed everything.

I had serious doubts then and I have serious doubts now that  protesting will ever change anything , although I do have empathy for all the protestors around the world , many have nothing else to do at this point , it’s gotten that bad economically.

To the Aware Observer it seems like an ideal situation for the powers that be to have people in streets rioting and fighting with police and local authorities while they continue to loot and pillage unchallenged.

It’s the classic divide and conquer working it’s magic day after day , year after year for thousands of years , this is just the latest machination of the same old story.

In our  “Not Waiting for the World to Change” series , this is exactly the type of programming that I am referring to. It’s a type of group insanity.

This  belief that we can change the world outwardly , while making no effort to do the inner shadow work  on ourselves is the madness that I am talking about.

It’s essentially a belief that physicality is all there is , and of course this belief , this paradigm has been created and nurtured by the social engineers to dis empower infinite consciousness.

As the Aware Observer once you start  to understand what it means to be a free , sovereign, fractal of infinite consciousness, already in a state of perfection , then it no longer matters what happens “out there” in the world, you see it as merely the playground of experiential opportunity.

This is why we need to continue the dialogue  we need to keep going deeper within ourselves to the root cause.

All this madness out there in the world is just the effect , the manifestation of these deeper issues effecting human consciousness  and the control mechanisms that have  kept  us in the dark as to who and what we are.

I would be surprised if the Occupy Wall Street protesters have any more effect than the protesters in Egypt at the end of the day.

We are making headway , we are waking up , although to the Aware Observer it seems painfully slow at times.

Again Kudos to Russian Television for actually showing us what is going on even though its unpleasant and clearly shows that the same power structures are in charge and nothing has really “Changed”. New boss same as the old boss.

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