Apocalypse How: Bailout Burnout !

Well the markets roared today on news that someone was going to do something. No, I didn’t bother reading the stories about today’s events  that caused the markets to rally with such fury.

I didn’t have to , becasue its the same old broken record that keeps playing over and over again. Yes I have “Bailout Burnout”.  What does any of it even mean anymore, seriously.

For  those of us who have to get up everyday and try and make a living it means Nothing , Nada, these bailouts seem to be nothing more than sound bytes for the sleeping masses.

I’m finding it easier each day to ignore most of  what is supposedly happening “Out there ” , and focus on those around me in my small circle of humans I interact with.

I just make sure to take the time to show them compassion , love and understanding in the smallest of  things. These small interaction with others is whats real , its the best part of  what is happening right now.

As we grow in awareness , as we expand our consciousness and find joy in our simple interactions, we become more human again , we leave behind all the layers of programming and  manipulation.

I understand there are many who feel they must fight , and that’s fine , what ever their highest joy is.

But what was really accomplished , even now the Occupy Wall Street sites are being systematically removed leaving nothing more than piles of trash  and discarded personal belongings of the former protesters.

But what was really accomplished , what really changed for them , I don’t know . All I know is that living more in the moment , and in appreciation for what I do have allows me greater peace through these days of uncertainty.

So don’t get Bailout Burnout , don’t even give it any energy , who knows whats going to happen , Hyper inflation , Deflation, StagFlation.

How about imagination , why cant we imagine we have other choices, even if we don’t know what they are right now , it’s a start to breaking out of the fear based impulses we have all been indoctrinated with.

You don’t want to miss the little changes that can occur in each of us if we allow ourselves to imagine “Other Choices” even if we do not fully recognize what they might be.

So lets just imagine what our highest joy is and “know” universe is completely capable of bringing that reality to us , after all we are the creators of this experience. This is the point of this lesson, we call life.

But I am curious , Where does the Quantitative Easing / Currency Swap / Tarp / Money go ?

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