Apocalypse How: Bashar Phenomenon

This is the first article in the Bashar Phenomenon section devoted to all the voices that are shining a light on the nature of reality .

In this section I will share with you my thoughts on the entity known as Bashar as channeled by Darryl Anka. 

Bahsar came on to my radar in early 2009 and I was surprised I had never hear of him considering he has been around since the 1980’s.

The fact that he has been around for over 30 years at least in this timeline , and I had not heard of him until 2009 ,supports the concept of us shifting constantly to versions of reality that we are most in alignment with.

Bahar’s message is very practical  and can be utilized in our daily lives , its information that teaches us how to think , not what to think .

We get bombarded these days by so many details about the nature of reality that it sometimes becomes difficult to know how to act on or how to interpret the information.

Over the last 3 years as I have continued to check in on Bashar  and the data he is bringing into this particular version of reality , and each time it becomes more and more synchronistic with my personal experience and evolution.

Which makes total sense if you view it from Bashar’s perspective, which is,  that we are constantly shifting to versions of reality that we are most in alignment with.

And when I say version’s of reality I am also referring to versions of  “The Collective” . And the agreement we have as “A collective’  is that we as ”  individuals or ( Individualized aspects / Fractals of universe) can choose to align ourselves with any collective we choose.

These are agreements we have made with our higher selves, our over souls , how ever you want to describe the multi dimensional nature of what we are.

This is what you could term the free will universe. But the catch is that we as individuals must change , we must become that which we seek in the outer world.

Until we as  individuals change , until these personal  vibrational shifts occur , we can’t exists in realities that we are not in vibrational alignment with.

The universe is all about vibrational frequencies, its like oil and water not mixing.

So the beauty , the absolute genius and simplicity of the universe is encompassed in this concept of us shifting our way through experiences , it is the way we navigate , it is literately the way we move physically.

Many awakened scientists are now using this concept to explain the way we
actually perceive motion.

Well I will stop there for  now , there is much more to come for this section of the site , becasue I “Believe ” as we move into the increasingly energetic fields of energy the information Bashar is bringing  into this reality , is becoming part of the catalyst of our collective awakening.

No one says it more eloquently than Bashar himself, his ability to process the questions from the audience and deliver suggestions at lighting speed is evident we are dealing with intelligence that is very connected to all that is.

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