Apocalypse How: 2012 Resolutions The Year We Say “No”

Well here it is , 2012. And this is the year where we simply say no.

No to the constructs, programs, mind control, manipulations, anything that supports the polarizing paradigms on this planet that are “FEAR” based.

This Year We say “NO” to all the “False Evidence Appearing Real

This is the most powerful thing we can do as vehicles for manifestation in what we call physicality. As we move deeper into the Apocalypse, the light will be getting brighter and brighter.

As we illuminate this current paradigm , we will see the dirt in all the corners of the room , in greater and greater detail. And this is a good thing, the Apocalypse is a good thing.

Because everyone knows its very difficult to properly clean your room in the dark.

The “Room” we are talking about of course is the planet earth and the human race as we currently know it.

The awakening is like a potentiometer slowly being dialed up , ever increasing the light , so that little by little we start to see things as they truly are.

This is a process that has been going for quite some time , although in the last few years it has been increasing exponentially due to the ever increasing vibrationally energy we have been traveling through as our solar systems plows through the cosmos.

There have been, and there will be times when the process is painful , becasue we will be looking at the dirt and decay and rot of a reality that has been manifested by our own beliefs and definitions.

And that’s all perfectly fine, it was a process we all agreed to at some level or we would not be here.

But now its time we say “NO” . At first we need to say “NO” to the “beliefs and definitions” that are currently “manifesting” the fear based constructs.

Which means we say no to the “beliefs” that support War, Hunger ,Disease, Politics, Lack of Abundance, Pyramidical Hierarchies , Death, Polarity, Prophecy , Tyranny.

As we grow in awareness , as we dial up the luminosity in our collective room, we can see that Tyranny will always exists as long as we “believe” we need politics, government, Big Daddy in our lives to take care of us.

And as long as their are governments like we currently have , there will always be wars , death , destruction , economically , as well as environmental and human casualties.

So you can see how “Beliefs” are where it all starts, one belief leads to another until you have a belief system.

So its time to say “NO” I don’t believe we need wars. “NO” I do not believe in the false left right political systems. “NO” I do not believe money is the only representation of abundance.

“NO” I do not believe in limitation of any kind as infinite consciousness has none. “NO” I don’t believe “the Powers That Be” have any “REAL” Powers.

“NO” I don’t believe 2012 is the year the world ends , or that we have to face global catastrophes. “No” I don’t believe Belief systems are what “I AM “.

To all polarized, FEAR mongering , corrupted , Inbred bloodline, misinformation I say “NO” “NO” “NO” “NO” “NO”

2012 can be the year , if you so choose, to say “NO”. It’s the one thing you can actually do, right now , in this moment, “you” can decide what you want , what you believe in , what you want to experience.

Yes we still have to get up everyday and make a living , feed ourselves, find ways to survive while these paradigm shifts occur, yes most us of course will have to deal with the way the world is now , while we the collective decide whats next.

But we can in small ways as we go through this process , makes decisions on what we want to support at the collective level , even though yes we are still paying our taxes, still going to Wall Mart, still using paper money , still burning fossil fuels , still watching endless wars , killing and destruction.

While quietly , Inwardly, as individual fractals of all that is , we can hold the template for the type of reality we want to experience, and to the best of our ability we can “Be The Change we want to see in the world, such as Unity , Love , Compassion, Empathy , Understanding.

And as you do so , as we Become These Attributes of the Heart , you will find , synchronicity in manifesting the reality you are in alignment with Vibrationally.

Just remember this is the year to say “NO” I will not be manipulated, I am a sovereign being.

With that I would like to share one of the best awakening songs I have heard to date , It Rocks The Apocalypse !

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