Apocalypse How: Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery is just around the corner we are told.   Economic Collapse is just around the corner we are told.

So which is it , We don’t “really” know. Physical mind is not designed to know what is going to happen . Perhaps the ruling elite have it all planned out , or maybe no ones in charge at this point, its just everyone for themselves, mob rules.

What can you do ,  you get up each day and keep hoping for the best, while preparing for the worst ,  which has  become a mute point, prepare for what, another 5 – 10 years of economic stagnation , manipulation and endless greed,  trapped in a worn out  Economic paradigm.

How do you really prepare for that ,most of us who are not born rich and are trying to survive , need a thriving , growing economy to have any chance of not having to work the rest of our lives.

If it keeps up like this for years  many of us will simply just run out of options from a financial perspective, having gone through our savings and selling everything not nailed down to pay the bills, the debt, the taxes .

These are the thoughts and fears that are going on in our minds on a daily basis , and after a while it just wears on you.

On the hand we want things to change , we know the current system is corrupt , broken , so a collapse would be one way, we could start fresh, but how does that work , no one knows , we have never been here before, not globally .

On the other hand none of  us “really” wants to go through “too” much pain, yet “no one” has any real solutions either , on how to get the old oligarchy out , so they keep kicking the can down the road.

The voices that talk about solutions , Like Ron Paul, and others  still have to play the game , a game that’s rigged , so it makes it challenging to effect real change in the current environment.

I think we have all become a bit jaded when it comes to economic news or predictions  , the Gerald Celentes, the Michael Rupperts of the world , while having good intentions and vital to the awakening process,  may have cried wolf a bit too much over the last few years .

Maybe that’s the point of all of this , to teach us that  reality is not predetermined , that the   “shift”  that is occurring , is there to wake us up , so that we will  re-remember that we are the co-creators of this collective experience, and take control of the wheel.

I know everyone keeps telling us it’s all right around the corner , 2012 is the year for the shit to hit the fan, but we have been hearing that for so long now we are all a bit shell shocked.

I am as surprised as anyone, for a while there it felt like we were on the brink of disaster. But now as we just open the doors on 2012 , I don’t know, it just “Feels” different.

I don’t know how to describe it other than a feeling, a feeling that says it’s OK to believe things will get better even though I have “No Idea How”.

A feeling that says I have done everything that I can do , I have prepared, inwardly and  outwardly ,  I have taken my losses financially like everyone,   and I have tried to educate myself  to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of the reality I have found myself in.

There doesn’t “appear” to be anything “happening right now”  that would fuel an new economic growth cycle, no new technology, no plans from any government to do much of anything other than spend more money on war.

So where is this feeling coming from ?

Only one thing comes to mind , it’s me , I’ve changed. I realize that my belief in economic collapse is just another belief system, another program that I can choose to be or not to be part of.

So I’m “choosing” to be part of something else. I’m choosing to be abundance in all of its forms, I’m choosing to “believe” that no matter what the “Circumstances May Appear to Be” , I’m not buying into it.

I figure I got nothing to loose with this approach and everything to gain , as it reinforces my newly awakened perspective of reality , which is “Circumstances Don’t Matter” , only “State Of Being Matters“.

Our state of being moving forward will be the new currency , the new economy. Our state of being will be our best tool to pull us out of this dead and decaying system that we are all currently stuck in.

So lets join together in positivity , what have we got to lose ?

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