Apocalypse How: M8.7 Class Solar Flare

Well its been pretty quiet from farther sun recently,  until today when the sun unleashed a nice M8.7 Class Flare. It also produced a Coronal Mass Ejection that is sending lots of juice our way.

Personally I am ready for it , I need a recharge it’s been too long and I am looking forward to the increase in source energy. So I will be kicking back and drinking it up.

I love how everyone seems to be so interested in the Sun these days, even the main stream is touting this as the most powerful solar storm since 2005.

This increase in solar activity and public interest in the Sun is highly warranted , I mean come on people if your gonna take interest in something , I think the Sun pretty much ranks as the most powerful thing around, father sun has my vote for sure.

The best part though is all the cool YouTube channels that have popped up totally devoted to tracking the Sun’s activities and splicing all the best imagery together creating really stunning eye candy for the Solar addicted.

One of my favorites is Skyywatcher88, kudos to all his hard work and dedication , it’s one of my favorite channels for all things Solar.

He does a great job on this latest update , even throws in some kick but Solar Metal , you gotta love the times we live in, we are waking up !

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