Bashar Phenomenon: 2012 The End Of the Quarantine

As we move deeper into 2012 and This Awakening process, it is important to remember to live each day with Humility , Integrity and here is the kicker , no expectation,  I know that’s probably the hardest thing to do.

How do you live in physicality ,in this complicated reality , with no expectation, it seems an impossibility. What does it even mean to have “no expectations”.

From personal experience it requires complete surrender, you have to surrender to the fact that ultimately you really have no control over anything “out there”.

The only thing we have any control over , and the only thing that “Matters” is State of Being !

And as you progress , as you expand your awareness , you start to notice that your expectations are usually a dim reflection of what universe had in mind for you anyway, and if you had  let your ego make the choices , you would have missed out on the blessings.

Its a lesson learned , no one can tell you. You have to learn to trust in the process, and again its about surrendering , its about letting go of all the dogma and crap we have been literally brainwashed with our entire lives .

I’ve noticed that people who are doing this are having a  much better go of it , a more enjoyable time through this process , and those that don’t are running their fist through the wall .

2012 is a tipping point, its the end of the Quarantine. From this point on, there is enough critical mass , enough people have awakened,  to shift the collective to a slightly more positive state of being.

Now that we are at this stage , now that we are having this conversation about other beings, we call extraterrestrials, which of course are simply other manifestations of  infinite consciousness having their own unique experience of all that is.

These other beings , some of  which are more like ancestors , are now allowed, so to speak,  to interact with us more so,  than they have in the past.

The Quarantine has been lifted.  As long as we are ready , and as long we are asking  for their insight , their perspective, it will be freely given. And this whole process is exploding exponentially .

Now here is the big shocker,all that these other beings are trying to do ,is share with us the story of what we are , so that we can become more of what we are. 

There may be some with more nefarious plans ,but unless your in alignment with them vibrationally , they hold no power, they are nothing more than bullies in the playground, or they are simply scared and trying to get what they can, greedy little bastards.

The only power “Anything” has , is that which you give it , so lets quit giving our power away to the programs that run the false paradigms that we call modern civilization here on planet earth, lets stand up and become the sovereign beings that we already are.

If you can approach each moment , each day living in that vibration,  not only will it make your experience more enjoyable , it will allow your higher self to work through you to a much greater degree in manifesting your highest joy, whatever that might be.

There are so many fear based programs running right now that unless you become aware of them , you are pretty much living inside a very closed system.

So lets embrace the end of the quarantine, 2012 is here and it’s not about the end of the world , its about remembering who we are. The big sleep is over , the amnesia is quickly fading for many of us.

And even though we may not have all the answers , or connected all the pieces of the puzzle , the gates are open , the Quarantine is over!

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