New Apocalypse Voices: Anthony Peake

If you want to journey deeper into the Nature of Reality , then Anthony Peake is one of the voices out there that is taking it to the next level , literally.

It seems new voices are coming on to the scene everyday that are absolutely brilliant and resonate with my own personal perspective of reality , of course they would , this is the paradox, this is the “Nature Of Reality”

It’s an absolutely joy to listen to Anthony’s perspective on this very esoteric subject, he has done his research and he does an incredible job at articulating the concept of consciousness, or, all that is, what “We Are”.

Even main stream particle physicists like Steven Hawking are saying the same thing , reality is an illusion, consciousness is really the only substance of the universe.

And how dying is actually more like waking up from a very long dream , just like you can have a dream and wake up in the morning and feel like you have lived a whole life.

This is our nature , this is what we are , we are fractals of all that is riding the waves of probability , in infinite combinations, simultaneously , yet there is only one “Being”.

Check out the books below by Anthony Peake !

This is really brilliant stuff, take the time and really sit down and really listen , and take it all in , if your like me you’ll find a lot of resonance here with Anthony Peake.

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