Bashar Phenomenon: 2010-2015 The Shift

These years of 2010 – 2015 are the most pivotal in our shifting to a more positive vibrational frequency on our planet. This energy that we are feeling , this energy coming from The Sun should be welcomed.

Because we are experiencing an acceleration in energy as we move into the Apocalypse , into these higher vibrational energies.

It is important to note that , what ever you are feeling , what ever you are believing in will be supported at all levels.

So watch what your thinking , watch what you are affirming in your daily lives because they will manifest themselves like no other time in your life , due to the increased energy levels.

I know you can feel it , there are these huge ups and downs emotionally , its like we jumped on the back of  wild mustang and we are learning how to ride.

Now is the time to let go of all limitations , old negative belief systems and programming, and follow your highest joy knowing that we are infinite consciousness, supported  in every way at all levels by universe , all that is , this is what we are, we are in a sense being reborn again as full human “beings”.

These are going to be wondrous times, these years 0f 2010 – 2015 , don’t listen to any of the negative fear based ranting and raving that is going on , just tune in and listen to your heart , listen to mother earth , and father sun , listen to those around you and have empathy and love for all , and especially for yourself, and let it shine through you to light up the world.

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