Apocalypse Sun: X5.4 Produces Full Halo CME

Looks like the X5.4 Solar flare did produce a full Halo CME which means we should get bathed in some good energies here in the next couple of days , so now is the time to express your highest joys in life.

Make each moment a performance art , and allow your life to unfold and know that you are supported in all you do , allow the suns energies to heal you and expand  into more of who you are .

More consciousness , more love , more peace.

The arrival of the CME should be on the 8th and 9th of March , it was a fairly long burst of energy , so the solar storm will last many hours, and could have some minor impact on our technology , according to the experts.

That’s not what interests me though , I am more interested in its impact on human consciousness, this is fascinating to watch , and as an aware observer you can see what theses energies do to the planets inhabitants.

We may see some flare up in Geo Political Events as the ants get stirred up down here , and egos will be expanding , everything expands as the energies hit us , so keep your eyes open and watch your surroundings for shifts in vibrational energy fields.

Below our good friend Skyywatcher88 puts together an awesome technical analysis of the X5.4 solar Flare event and the on going solar storms and CME data.

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